Who’s Your Daddy? – Father’s Day Gift Guide feat. LATHER, L’OCCITANE, Dr. Dennis Gross, Origins and Dreadnought

There’s no doubt–guys are hard to shop for. Dads are the worst though. They never need nor want anything. Whether you’re shopping for a single dad, a stay-at-home dad, or a stepdad, all appreciate a masculine touch to their self-care routine. Check out the picks from LATHER, L’OCCITANE, Dr. Dennis Gross, Origins and Dreadnought. You still have time. #WhosYourDaddy?

If your dad is a minimalist, surprise him with a new shaving cream. LATHER has a luxurious almond shave crème that makes a great gift. It doesn’t matter if the dad in question is a sensitive one or just cursed with sensitive skin, this shave crème covers both issues. The almond scent alone is a gift that keeps on giving. Performance aside, the spelling makes it understatedly fancy. #WholeWorks

There are countless benefits to LATHER’s shaving crème. It’s ultra concentrated; the smallest amount will work up the richest consistency for the most comfortable shave imaginable. Glycerin makes it moisturizing and almond oil protects against irritation. Whether your dad is really old or really cool and uses an old school shaving brush, this crème is perfect for him. You’re welcome. #CrèmeOfTheCrop

LATHER almond shave creme fathers day gift guide inhautepursuit

There is also the dad who considers after-shave a fragrance and refuses to wear anything else. L’OCCITANE offers a variety of after shave balms that nourish and protect. Cade, the best-selling original is a sophisticated blend of juniper, sandalwood, Immortelle and rosemary essential oils. With superb texture it absorbs quickly and emits a subtle lingering scent. #InAClassByItself

LOCCITANE cade after shave balm fathers day gift guide inhautepursuit

Very recently, L’OCCITANE made a splash with their Mer & Mistral scent, which they added to their La Collection de Grasse. This aquatic blend of citrus, cypress and a touch of pine results in a scent resembling the Provençal breezes on the Mediterranean coast. The full Mer & Mistral range includes an after shave balm that is perfect for a more adventurous dad. Even if he doesn’t surf. #BreakNewGround

If your dad’s hair is thinning and if it might be an issue, don’t say “do you want to talk about it?” He does not. Splurge on the Root Resilience shampoo and conditioner from Dr. Dennis Gross. Leave it to the genius of a Manhattan dermatologist to create a simple unisex routine of clinical haircare. Or, anti-aging haircare if you must. #LetsGetClinical

dr dennis gross root resilience shampoo conditioner clinical hair care fathers day gift guide inhautepursuit

The strengthening shampoo addresses shedding hair by cleansing the scalp and nourishing the follicle with anti-aging enzymes, peptides and amino acids. The nourishing scalp conditioner hydrates and stimulates the scalp promoting elasticity and shine. With its trendy and unisex white on orange packaging and the singular refreshing minty scent, he’ll love this uplifting duo. #HairTodayAndTomorrow

If he’s a bar of soap kinda guy, Dad  will really enjoy the Skin Diver body wash from Origins. While it’s also available in the bar form, the body wash with Active Charcoal is pretty impressive. And yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. No need for a loofah with this one. Just leave it in the shower and let him figure it out. #DiveInWithBothFeet

origins skin diver active charcoal body wash fathers day gift guide inhautepursuit

The Skin Diver body wash is gray in color and comes in a clear tube so it even looks masculine. With deep cleansing active Bamboo Charcoal, it dissolves impurities and rinses easily. It smells pretty butch with notes of Spearmint and Rosemary. Because washing with something that looks dirty  seems fun to a guy, he’ll definitely use it. It also says ‘for men’ on it. #ComeOutInTheWash

If the dad you’re shopping for is a total dude who rocks a bow tie when needed but chops wood and googles the nearest barber shops in the area, you simply have to introduce him to Dreadnought. By definition, ‘dreadnought’ is a person who fears nothing. Made in Great Britain for chaps in the US and Canada, the brand is called The Bluebeards Revenge when it appears on its own turf. #AllOverTheMap

dreadnought shaving solution shavette fathers day gift guide inhautepursuit

With extra masculine packaging and a great sense of humor, Dreadnought caters to real men. They offer razors, brushes, pre and post shaving treatments, shaving solutions and body care. The brushless Shaving Solution is packed with Decelerine, an ingredient that reduces beard growth over time. Itglides on for a close shave. The pump delivery system is perfect for when Dad is running short on time. #PumpedUp

dreadnought cooling moisturiser fathers day gift guide inhautepursuit

Dreadnought sent me their shavette and it looks great. With my lack of coordination, however, I’m a hazard to myself holding a butter knife. My better half is enjoying it with great success! Pair your gift of choice with the Cooling Moisturiser that soothes and re-invigorates the skin with ‘manliest of ingredients’. Everything Dreadnought smells of a classic English barbershop with a modern twist. #BritainsGotTalent

Shopping Guide:

LATHER almond shaving crème 4oz $21

L’OCCITANE Cade After Shave Balm  and Mer & Mistral After Shave Balm – each 2.5oz $34 – also, check out these amazing Father’s Day Kits

Dr. Dennis Gross Root Resilience Strengthening Shampoo 8oz $42 and Nourishing Scalp Conditioner 6oz $38

Origins Skin Diver Active Charcoal Body Wash 6.7oz $22 also available in bar soap form 7oz $15

Dreadnought products are available at www.dreadnought-shaving.com – for store locations click HERE and for online retailers in the US click HERE

The Dreadnought items mentioned:

The  Shaving Solution 3.4oz $20, The Cooling Moisturiser 3.4oz $20, and the ‘Cut-Throat’ Shavette $20


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