New Farmacy Launches: Filling Good Serum & Sweet Apple Clean Cleansing Balm

Over the last month, Farmacy added two new formulas to their rapidly (yet thoughtfully) expanding range of complexion perfecting potions. Filling Good is the brand’s next step into anti-aging and complements the Honey Halo moisturizer — both are best suited for more mature skin types that tend to lean dry. Sweet Apple Clean is indeed a delicious addition to the cleansing balm line-up and as of now is labeled limited edition available exclusively on the Farmacy website. Wasting absolutely no time, I have been trying all the newness to report back with personal insights. Yay! Ok, keep reading.

Filling Good

The new serum is one of the richest serums in my skincare repertoire at the moment. It’s got heft. Actually, Filling Good is more lotion-like and during warmer months, it will be moisturizing enough to fly solo on my combination skin. Let me repeat: it’s rich. What’s in it? A lot of great INCI finds. Farmacy refers to multi molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid here as full-spectrum, a term almost exclusively associated with CBD content in products. Marketing gone wild aside, this serum contains varying molecular structures of this deeply hydrating ingredient to ensure both instant and long term results. Think plumper looking skin now and later. Those with thinner, more dehydration-prone or crepey skin will probably notice the effects of this new formula quicker. If you enjoy layering multiple products, this one does great over Honeymoon Glow but it does best on my skin with nothing on top, especially slotted in my PM routine. 

Other ingredient highlights include Thyme Extract (firming), Vegan Collagen (which unlike one of marine origin comes from genetically engineered bacteria and I hear performs similarly if not better), Amino Acids (which strengthen and moisturize) as well as the proprietary blend of Royal Jelly, Propolis, and Honey Extracts which provide superb anti inflammatory function. At forty, I am all about this new addition and my skin is loving every drop of Filling Good. With that said, I am slightly perplexed at the scent of this serum. Don’t get me wrong, I love honey, all of them: floral, gourmand, etc. Filling Good has a quite pronounced smell of honey *and something else*. Something I can’t quite place but it’s definitely not on my list of favorite things. So while it’s not a dealbreaker for me personally, it is worth a mention. $44 (30ml)

Sweet Apple Clean

This one is a total winner. If you enjoy K-beauty cleansing balms that are super lightweight, have solid sherbet-like consistency, never shape-shift during travel, remove every trace of makeup and sunscreen, and liquify beautifully with water to rinse off completely clean, you will love it. There is a fun color swirl happening from pink to yellow, a crisp and juicy apple aroma, and performance that’s worthy and deserving of every beauty award Farmacy scored for the original jar of Green Clean that started it all. 

But the new Sweet Apple Clean is not just skincare novelty. The formula is also infused with Apple Extract for an extra boost of hydration and Papaya Extract for a touch of mild exfoliation. Because we want our skin to feel both clean and smooth after cleansing. You will be amazed how quickly it melts pigment and sunscreen when applied to dry skin and massaged in for just a minute. Since it’s a balm, this is your first step in a double cleanse and pairs perfectly with my other Farmacy favorite, Whipped Greens. Two thumbs up for this launch and fingers crossed it becomes a permanent addition to the cleansing balm collection. $34 (100ml)

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Sweet Apple Clean INGREDIENTS

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