EVE LOM Adds A Toner & Peel Pads To The RESCUE Collection

Of all the EVE LOM masks, the Rescue formula has always been my favorite. It’s clay based, soft-drying, infused with honey, and packed with skin conditioning minerals. I even like that camphor smell. In short, it’s impressive and effective. A couple of weeks ago, the brand expanded its Rescue range with two new additions: a toner and peel pads. My job: waste no time and try the newness immediately.

unsolicited advice: the Rescue Mask is amazing, the Whitening Sheet Mask is a close second

Before diving into first impressions, I’ll highlight that the Rescue collection is geared toward skin that is stressed, blotchy, irritable, and that can use a boost of radiance. This would be all of us a few times a month. Quarantine or not. Let’s chat product. 

Rescue Toner

When it comes to liquid steps, I am a huge fan of EVE LOM’s Time Retreat Radiance Essence, which may be the only productI have tried in the essence category  that contains Retinol. It’s superb. Radiance Face Mist, which is charged with fantastic ingredients, also comes to mind. It elevates ‘just misting’ to a true treatment step. And while I don’t have a need to layer three liquid steps in my routine, I was curious about the new toner. They had me at ‘gently refines skin overall texture’.

I’m no stranger to exfoliating toners (have probably tried the majority of key formulas on the market), but I am always driven by results — efficacy is key. EVE LOM delivers a lovely blend of botanical extracts (Caviar Lime, Aloe, Willow Herb, and Lentil Seed, to name a few) in a silky fusion of Glycerin and organic Bergamot water. It feels great…refreshing and instantly hydrating. You can use it day or night, and if you tone twice a day, it’s gentle enough to be used as such, too. It’s fragrance free, which is a nice touch, as some exfoliating toners can have a sharp, almost pungent scent. 

Real talk: I find this one too mild to replace my bottle of Biologique Recherche P50 1970. If you fear strong acid toners or are sensitive to high acid concentrations, the Rescue Toner is a great alternative. You can either pat it in or use a cotton round to apply it. EVE LOM is known for its iconic cleansing balm, so loyalists of the brand will enjoy this new launch as a follow up step. Personally, I’ll probably stick with my bottle of Time Retreat Radiance Essence because this skincare geek only has so much time for patting in liquids before a serum. 

Rescue Peel Pads

Spoiler alert: I’m completely obsessed with the new peel pads. This EVE LOM launch is a fantastic surprise and a much appreciated addition to the Rescue line-up. If you’re as enthusiastic about exfoliating pads as I am, these are pretty perfect. Each biodegradable round is saturated (but not dripping wet) with a blend of Alpha, Beta, and Polyhydroxy Acids to gently exfoliate the skin and promote cellular turnover. What to expect? A significantly brighter, more radiant appearance. Since the pads are also infused with plant-derived Allantoin and skin strengthening Niacinamide, you won’t experience any dryness. After one week of use, I am very impressed. 

When to use the Rescue Peel Pads? These are gentle enough to be used everyday but it’s recommended you make them part of your nighttime regimen. Cleanse, tone (or pat in your favorite essence), swipe a pad across the face and… here’s the best part —  there’s no rinsing required. I usually wait a minute for the acids to get to work and proceed with my serum and moisturizer or oil. Incorporating these into your PM routine can’t be any more seamless. 

Both the Toner (150ml) and Peel Pads (60ct) are available at skinstore.com for $70 each. P.S. the site is currently running a site wide 25% off Friends & Family promo.



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