Estée Edit Rescue Balm – 5 Ways I Make It Work

Admittedly, at almost 37, I feel like I’m trying to make fetch happen when browsing the Estée Edit range. Like, I’m sorry they can’t help it that they’re popular… Designed and formulated to fit the lifestyles of millennials, the line up is concise, innovative, and on-trend. With their background in accessible luxury, Lauder delivers multi-tasking complexion perfecting solutions that have me impressed. My current favorite: Rescue Balm for Face + Body.

What is it?

The rich cream is fueled by a 20% concentration of plant derived oils from Coconut, Avocado, Olive, Mango, Macadamia Nut, Lady Thistle, Jojoba, Almond, Grapeseed, Soybean, Sunflower, and Meadowfoam Seed. Whipped into butter like perfection, the dense and luxurious texture is also easy to work with and is seriously user friendly. Read: neither greasy nor heavy.

Whether skin dryness has been triggered by a change in seasons, lifestyle, or environment, the Estée Edit Rescue Balm is a great formula to have on hand. As one who experiments with Retinol frequently, has been known to overindulge in clay masks, and struggles with dry, itchy patches that appear in most random spots on my body, I have firsthand experience.

5 Reasons I Love It:

  1. Face Mask.

    On days (especially mornings) on which I wake up with a slight tightness thanks to a heavy application of a resurfacing serum (acids can do that to ya) a quick 10 minute Rescue Balm treatment before I hit the shower nourishes, plumps and softens my skin.

  2. Hand Cream.

    Definitely great as a body cream (I only spot treat due to size), the Rescue Balm makes for a phenomenal and completely non-greasy hand cream as well. It’s a nightstand essential for this reason alone.

  3. Night Cream.

    In a pinch, my combination skin does well with the Rescue Balm serving as a night cream, especially in colder months. Those with drier complexions will like it even moreso. Lauder does not stray from fragrance in their formulas, but this one is among the more pleasantly subtle.

  4. TSA Approved.

    At the 3 oz. cutoff, this all-in-one formula is a great travel staple, especially for those not checking in luggage. Use it as an in-flight moisturizer, cuticle salve, and lip balm and avoid parched cabin skin.

  5. After Sun & other emergencies.

    From ashy elbows through dry heels to post-sun redness, Rescue Balm drenches the skin with much needed moisture. Comforting and soothing, it heals and corrects cracked, flaky, irritated areas.

$50 (3 oz.) available at and


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