#OBSESSED – Dr. Dennis Gross Pro Facial Steamer


Skincare gadgets: always interesting to me though I tend to shy away from gimmicky contraptions. At-home facial steamers, for example, not on my radar. Until now. The new Dr. Dennis Gross Pro Facial Steamer is effortless, sleek and beyond user friendly. It’s actually pretty flawless. A much improved 2.0 version of a significantly bulkier original, this genius device is my current obsession. My Strange Addiction: Steam.


A crucial element in a glow inducing facial, steam softens, purifies, detoxifies and hydrates the skin. This important step ensures an ultra effective mask application and delivers a perfect canvas for a serum or any active ingredient driven formula, which maximizes its potential. The Dr. Dennis Gross tool takes up no space, delivers professional grade results and is so easy to use, you will reach for it often. Like, everyday.



Who benefits from steam?

Absolutely everyone. All complexion types and conditions respond to steam’s impact on the skin. At any age. Whether you are craving a deep clean, a boost of radiance or a major pore refinement – this Dr. Dennis Gross counter companion delivers. Plump, fresh and healthy looking face in minutes. Every single time. A seamless addition to any existing routine, steam will boost all anti-aging efforts.


How and when.

Always start with a thoroughly cleansed face. If you’re an Alpha Beta Peel user (or a user of any acid fueled exfoliant), do that before turning on your steamer. Keep your face six or so inches away from the steamer and enjoy the relaxing warmth – getting too close, however, can have the opposite effect (hot!). After the unit runs out of steam (no, really), treat yourself to your mask of choice.


The debris within your pores will have loosened, which means the skin will be more receptive to a deeper cleanse or to a more intense hydration. Most of the time, I reach for the Dr. Dennis Gross Clarifying Colloidal Sulfur Mask as my often congested combination skin wants balance. Sometimes, I steam with the Color Smart Cleanser & Mask still on to kill two birds with one stone. Always follow up with a hydrating formula to lock in the perks of a freshly steamed face – think Hyaluronic Moisture Cushion.

The Specs

With a footprint that fits the palm of your hand, it stands just over eight inches tall, heats up in seconds and delivers nine blissful minutes of steam per use. Simply fill the water reservoir to the marked line, pop back in, and slide the switch to the ON position. It even features a sexy handle for portability. The modern white and orange color scheme is both on brand and on point. Major props.




At $139, it actually is priced less than a facial at a midrange NYC spa. With Sephora’s VIB sale coming up, put this on your wishlist this holiday season. Available at drdennisgross.com and Sephora.com.

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