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While I’m thrilled for every guy who embraces the shaving ritual, there is nothing in the world that makes me hate the process any less. My recent introduction to The Dollar Shave Club proves that the daily grooming experience, while still a chore, comes with a perk of some extra cash to spend at happy hour. Seriously though, am I the only person to have joined Costco to save on razor refills?

You could not have escaped The Dollar Shave Club promotional video, which went viral on YouTube a few years ago. With almost 20 millions views, it’s one of the most iconic social marketing campaigns. Matching unbeatable convenience with beyond reasonable prices, the company delivers grooming essentials right to your door. That means you’re saving a ton of money and your razor is always sharp. That’s the definition of win win.

#The4X & #TheExecutive
#The4X & #TheExecutive

Offering tiered monthly delivery options, The Dollar Shave Club is all about choices. If you’re into a simple, double blade razor to precisely maneuver around the stache, goatee, or that chiseled jawline, The Humble Twin is the most affordable option at just $1 a month. Yep, you sure are seeing things right. The only plan with an additional two dollar shipping charge, it includes five refills and a matching handle with each shipment.

Most popular and a step up, The 4X plan gets you four cartridges, each sporting four stainless steel blades for only $6 a month. The Executive, the top dog of shaving options, supplies you with four refills of six bladed heads for the smoothest, closest shave for $9 a month. There aren’t any shipping or handling charges with either plan. The Dollar Shave Club allows you to upgrade or downgrade a subscription, skip a shipment, and opt out anytime.

Having used both The 4X and The Executive blades, it’s amazing how similar they are to the big players on the market. The handle may be a tad smaller but the blades are just as sharp. Since my shaving routine involved the mainstream names you see locked away in every drugstore, I’ve grown used to the vibrating, ergonomically familiar tools. The Dollar Shave Club cuts out a lot of nonsense and offers a straightforward solution to the necessary evil I consider shaving. Also, I no longer have a reason to keep my Costco membership.

Dr. Carver's
Dr. Carver’s

Making our lives even easier, The Dollar Shave Club has expanded beyond a monthly razor subscription service and now offers additional grooming products for a one stop shopping experience. The Dr. Carver’s Easy Shave Butter ($8 – 6 oz) is light and airy despite its thick gel texture and ensures a comfortable shave. The subtle scent is reminiscent of an old school shaving foam and a great touch. Every guy should try the Miracle Repair Serum ($12 – 2 oz) as this light formula is packed with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and protective antioxidants (Green/White Tea, Blueberry, Pomegranate Extracts). Invisible on the skin and fragrance free, it soothes, calms and leaves your skin super soft.


Check out the hair styling products by Boogie’s while you’re exploring The Dollar Shave Club and treat yourself to a thing or two. My favorites, the Hair Paste and Hair Clay, give a perfectly natural matte finish with a medium hold that gets me through the day. Additional options available include Hair Gel, Hair Cream, and pliable Hair Fiber for a super textured look. Appreciative of the scent (none of the generic ‘mass-culine’ notes) and the price ($10 a piece!) the Boogie’s range is seriously impressive.


Yes, everyone should give The Dollar Shave Club a try and if you haven’t figured out what to give your dad for Father’s Day (coming up!) or need a gift idea for the dude in your life, this subscription may just be a creative solution worth considering. Check it all out at


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