PHYTOMER CITADINE CITYLIFE Face & Eye Contour Sorbet (aka Gel Moisturizer Perfection)

Here’s my thing about gel formulas: love the cleansers, the masks are great, but when it comes to moisturizers, gels are definitely the trickiest to master. If you’re looking to lighten up your daily hydrator, Phytomer CITADINE CITYLIFE Face and Eye Contour Sorbet Cream is pretty perfect. Absolutely weightless, it absorbs in seconds and leaves the skin feeling plump, hydrated, and comfortable for hours.

Admittedly, including ‘sorbet’ in the name made me initially skeptical. Years ago, Dior launched iOd, a skincare range intended for the younger demographic (certainly some google images are still floating around on the interwebs). I was in my twenties at the time. The Hydra-Sorbet moisturizer may still be among the worst formulas I’ve ever tried. A whole new level of sticky. J’dore Dior, BUT Phytomer serves up a much better sorbet.

‘sorbet’ consistency on point

What is it?

Phytomer is a French spa grade line of face and body products offered in some one of the most luxurious destinations around the world. Having had a fabulous experience with the cult classic, Souffle Marine Energizing Oxygenating Serum, the CITADINE CITYLIFE moisturizer sounded all sorts of intriguing to me. Having lived for over fifteen years in an urban jungle and now commuting regularly to the Big Apple, I needed this anti-pollution veil in my grooming arsenal.

What’s in it?

If I had to describe the Sorbet Cream in just three words, innovative, effective, and straightforward spring to mind. Ultra lightweight, the dreamy texture of this Phytomer hydrator will work with absolutely every type complexion. So much more than ‘a drink of water’ for your skin, it features CITYSAFE, a proprietary de-polluting complex that fights the damaging effects of the environment with a blend of 3 marine sugars, blue microalgae, and red algae. Known as a pioneer in marine biotechnology, Phytomer is at the forefront of creating the next generation of active ingredients. They’re like, major.

good for city *and* country 😉

How much do I love it?

Let me count the ways… It layers amazingly well under my SPF during the day and provides a great cushion before a facial oil at night. It delivers lasting hydration while remaining completely breathable on the skin surface. The biggest surprise? It doubles as an eye cream. During hot and humid months, keep it in the fridge for a cool burst that maximizes the de-puffing and reviving action.

$119 (50ml) available at and

*press sample


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