My Top 3 Beauty Finds from Amazon

The land of ‘customers who bought this also bought,’ ‘save for later,’ and ‘add to cart,’ is the dreamy landscape for way too many of my spontaneous beauty purchases. Tempting us with difficult to find, imported, under the radar and often straight-up bizarre personal care solutions, the shopping giant is actually home to three favorites that I use on the reg. Did I say they all ship free? Prime, baby.

Never going back.

Hello Toothpaste

Completely natural (with zero artificial anything), the Hello range of oral care is seriously impressive. Introduced to the brand via a PR mailer, I’ve already restocked our new favorite toothpaste flavor (peroxide-free whitening formula) in a four-pack. Why do I love it? For one thing, it doesn’t generate an unnecessary, crazy amount of foam. This minty fresh daily staple leaves my chicklets sparkling clean.

love it

If you opt for the Charcoal Whitening version, be sure to plan for an extra minute or two because that sink won’t rinse itself. If your teeth need some TLC, the Sensitivity Relief blend with coconut oil is absolutely fantastic. With options for kids and with choices for a toothbrush and a mouthwash, the Hello brand needs to be on your radar. $17 and change for 4-pack

White Rabbit Official

White Rabbit Cotton

Yes, I’ve covered my favorite cotton pads before but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I weren’t constantly on the lookout for something even better. Here. It. Is. Pure K-beauty perfection, White Rabbit cotton is available Plain or Perforated. Both are remarkable though I slightly prefer the latter.

unsung hero of K-beauty

Sturdy yet gentle, the four-fold pads hold the perfect amount of product and provide opportunities for optimal surface wiping without irritation. Instrumental in any proper toner application, quality cotton pads are as important as the liquid solution itself. They may appear pricey at first, but 200 pads will last months. Major thumbs up. $14.99 for a 200ct box

Always read reviews and make sure it’s the authentic Made in Japan product!

Salux Cloth

I cannot stop exfoliating my body with the rather rough Salux cloth and I promise that I’m not taking any mascochistic delight in the activity. This iconic Japanese invention is a simple blend of, wait for it… 60% nylon and 40% polyester. When combined with water and a drop of shower gel or soap, it revs up your blood circulation faster than a shot of tequila.

Mr Grey will see you now…

One word of caution: go easy and apply light pressure. Even though the texturized cloth softens when wet, it will definitely leave your skin vibrant and pink. Every drop of body lotion or oil will absorb so much better, which will result in a whole new level of softness. More importantly, this invigorating ritual helps stimulate the lymphatic system, eliminate toxins, and improve cellular turnover. $10 ish for three

What are some of your favorite Amazon finds? Has anyone tried the NOONI Marshmallow Whip Maker? Looks so good!


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