Kiehl’s Apothecary Preparations & My Personalized Facial Concentrate


Kiehl’s the brand we’ve been loving for… ever, is back to its roots — introducing a prescription style apothecary approach that has made it an industry champion since its founding in 1851.

Kiehl’s Apothecary Preparations is all about a personalized, custom made serum to address, correct and prevent our most frustrating complexion conundrums. Just last week, I stopped by the atmospheric flagship on 3rd Avenue in New York City and experienced firsthand the latest in anti-aging.


What’s different?

Apothecary Preparations are only available at select freestanding Kiehl’s stores and and are formulated after consulting one-on-one with the brand’s specialist. Lucky, blessed and thrilled, I scored some face time with Barbara who has been at the iconic location since my first visit to the store circa 2001. Love. Her.



Play by play:

You sit at a chic, semi old school counter, armed with a mirror and a first edition copy of ‘Skin Atlas.’ The book’s intimidating size is a result of its having been divided by language in order to accommodate everyone. Very United Colors of Benetton. You answer questions about your skin tone, its texture, how prone it is to redness, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines and wrinkles. Using specialty tools, the consultant measures your skin’s hydration level as well as its skill at producing excess oil.


P. S. My skin scored a 38.8 on the hydration scale. I was told that anything between 30 and 50 needs help in that department. My skin produces too much oil; a textbook case of overcompensating as a result of dehydration.



Make it your own and DIY.

Within minutes, your skin will tell you what it craves, needs and deserves. Every Apothecary Preparation shares the same carrier blend called Strengthening Concentrate, a well crafted concoction of Squalane, Apricot, Coriander, Black Currant Seed Oils and other botanicals.


In essence, the custom created treatment is very much oil based. This very core of each preparation is then infused with two of the most beneficial boosters based on the ‘Skin Atlas’ results as well as your personal needs.


You leave with a box, which includes the dropper bottle and two mini tube shots. Carefully mix those together at home. Super easy.


My very own bottle of Facial Concentrate is a dream come true. Carried by a hydrating and softening blend of plant extracts, it is enhanced with Brightening Complex (with Vitamin C and Scotch Pine Extract) and Texture Refining Complex (with Vitamin F and LHA, which is a derivative of Salicylic Acid). With the texture of a dry oil, it absorbs easily and works great on my combination skin morning and night.



You will receive a unique prescription card. It indicates when the custom formula can be used… AM, PM or both. If you opt for daytime, always apply sunscreen over it. If you plan to use a treatment oil or an additional moisturizer, put the Facial Concentrate on first. It goes directly on freshly cleansed (and exfoliated if you choose to do so) skin.



Never ever use a treatment specific Complex booster straight from the tube. These potent, highly active formulas need to be diluted in the universal Strengthening Concentrate. Kiehl’s stores your personalized results in their database, which they can access whenever your need a refill. Keep your apothecary serum in a cool dark place. It’s best used within six months of combining but this is only a guideline. Don’t push it too much.


The Kiehl’s Apothecary Preparations consultation is free but the Personalized Facial Concentrate is $95 and worth every penny. I would love to hear from anyone who has experienced this fantastic service (not available online) and how you’re doing with your custom formula!

*press sample


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