August Favorites

How is the summer over? And what has been up with the weather lately? As most of us are looking forward to crisper mornings and cozier long-sleeves (count me out on pumpkin spice anything though), my skincare routine shall be tweaked accordingly. So, it seems like a great time to share the products I’ve enjoyed most in August. Without further ado and in the order of application, let’s do this.

Community Sixty-Six Cream Cleanser

You know I don’t easily embrace unscented skincare products but the Hydrating Cream Cleanser from Community Sixty Six is that rare exception. It manages to deliver a fully sensory experience with its luscious texture and absolutely no scent. It performs beautifully when applied to dry or damp skin. The key: spend a minute (you can do it!) massaging it into the skin to remove every trace of makeup, grime, or sunscreen. It foams up ever so slightly when combined with water, and while I usually gravitate toward really frothy formulas, this one is a total dream. The Hyaluronic and Polyglutamic Acid combination ensures the skin feels hydrated and comfortable after each use. And an extra star for the brand’s very approachable price point. $15 (150ml) at

Jordan Samuel Mandelic Exfoliating Mask

The new Mandelic Exfoliating Mask is officially not launching until September but Jordan surprised me with a much appreciated early delivery. And as a mask fanatic, I couldn’t be more grateful. The first mask to join the JS collection, it tackles dullness, uneven tone, and the most frustrating – congestion issues. The unique silky gel-like consistency (cooling upon application) is infused with Moroccan Lava Clay, Mandelic and Lactic Acids, Charcoal Powder, Allantoin, and Licorice Root Extract. The formula is also soft drying so there is no cracking, crumbling or pulling on the skin. It rinses off easily with a hot flannel or in the shower and leaves my skin looking notably more vibrant and refreshed after just 15-20 minutes. No tingling, no fragrance, and no redness after rinsing. $38 (50ml) at

Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Essence Mist

Part of the botanical (phyto) collection, Essence Mist is the latest to join Skinceuticals’ hydrating and discoloration corrective formulas. While technically a mist, I’d elevate it to an essence, since it works harder than even some serums I have used. The fine mist soothes and calms irritated skin on contact and made for the perfect after-sun treatment in my August repertoire. It is packed with Hyaluronic Acid as well as Thyme, Olive, and Cucumber Extracts with just enough of Eucalyptus Leaf Oil to deliver a refreshing burst of energy upon application. The herbal scent dissipates quickly and doesn’t bother me (smells just like the Phyto A+ Brightening Treatment). My only problem: I’m going through my bottle at a stressingly quick speed. $67 (50ml) at

Fresh Tea Elixir Skin Resilience Activating Serum

Setting aside the mouthful of a name, I was somewhat apprehensive trying this latest treatment from fresh. My experience with the Black Tea range has been lackluster at best; the only product I found effective was the Skin Perfecting Mask. The recently launched Tea Elixir has completely exceeded all expectations. It’s a beautifully formulated serum that is packed with Niacinamide, Kelp and Green Tea Extracts, Ceramides, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, and Argan Oil. Rich in texture but weightless on the skin, it has been working extremely well under my daytime and nighttime moisturizers. If you’re after a multi-faceted treatment that firms, brightens, and fights the effects of constant UV exposure, definitely give it a try. The fragrance is lightweight and matches the iconic soy cleanser with its soft cucumber notes. $80 (30ml) or $110 (50ml) at

Prima Beyond Body Oil

It may shock you to hear I’m extremely lazy about applying body moisturizers of any kind. Instead, I tend to grab hydrating/moisturizing shower gels and oils, which make me feel less guilty about skipping this step. The Prima Beyond Body Oil however, omg, you guys, it is seriously incredible. This golden blend of rich, skin repairing, anti-inflammatory, and softening oils includes Hemp, Helichrysum, and Squalane to provide unparalleled moisture in a single application. It is also infused with Magnesium, so I’ve been sleeping like a baby after my evening shower (or bath). My rule of thumb is to apply any oil on damp skin to ensure it absorbs more effectively. This Prima formula, however, is surprisingly non-greasy even when I’m working it into dry skin. It’s rare that I enjoy an herbal aroma this much, but the combination of Lavender, Clove, Spearmint, Orange, Geranium, Patchouli, and Ylang-Ylang is absolutely intoxicating. And the beautiful glass bottle. Phenomenally chic. $56 (6oz) at

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