Ok, So I Have a New Year’s Resolution…

I am so not a New Year’s Resolution kind of person, which explains my waiting to come up with one. Now. At at tail end of January. But here it is — I am incorporating a neck cream into my skincare routine. Day and night.


Admittedly, I am often frustrated with new categories in skincare and all the fear-mongering associated with our (allegedly) neglecting certain areas of our face or body. Since my early grooming days, eye cream has been the only standalone formula that has earned my loyalty.  I’ve used one for precisely half of my life. Coincidentally, the area under my eyes has also caused the least concern when exploring the ever changing anti-aging landscape. At almost thirty-nine, I am choosing to focus next on the neck.

Neck vs. Face

I’ve sometimes (clearly, when I have had too much time on my hands) wondered whether I should treat my neck as an extension of my face or of my body. In the shower, I wash it with my face cleanser and include it in the extension of any serum application. Part of the face it is.

I have come to find out, however that the skin on our neck has fewer oil glands, which makes us more susceptible to dryness. If you’re a guy who shaves regularly, consider adding a moisture step to protect the skin. We also move our necks constantly — all the bending and rotating combined with gravity only speeds up the development of fine lines. The bottom line: thou shalt not ignore the neck.

My Plan

As of last night, I have begun to incorporate a neck specific formula into my evening routine. Yes, this self-proclaimed minimalist is giving it a try. Recently, Dr. Brandt sent over a jar of the new Neck Sculpting Cream (part of the needles no more® range) along with a gorgeous Rose Quartz Gua Sha tool. Day and night, I plan to give myself a mini treatment whose focus is adding moisture and draining lymphatic fluids to minimize puffiness. Since my Eastern European face is on the rounder side, inflammation often becomes most pronounced on my neck and chin.

The Cream

What is in the new Dr. Brandt Neck Sculpting Cream? Based on the product page, the formula is fueled by a proprietary blend called Slim-Sculpt Complex. I wish brands would shed some light on the specifics, even if just a little bit. I am not asking for percentages but throw in an ingredient bone or two? Other nourishing and firming highlights include Pea, Bilberry Leaf, Algae, Guarana, and Spirulina Extracts. My favorite trifecta—energizing Caffeine, deeply hydrating Sodium Hyaluronate, and tone-perfecting Lactic Acid—is included. I’m in.

First impressions

In. Love. With. The. Texture. The Dr. Brandt Neck Sculpting Cream hovers somewhere between a gel and a cream, making it a very user friendly option for both your AM and PM regimen. It wears great over serums and under sunscreen. It is also quick-absorbing and never pills, which can often be an issue with the neck (due to all the movement!).

If you have a sensitivity to fragrances, it’s all good – the formula is unscented. Lastly, the Gua Sha tool is included! Follow the directions to mimic a lifting movement by massaging the neck with upward strokes. I end with a swiping motion down the side of my neck to help drain the lymph nodes.

$95 (50ml) at Sephora.com

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