Dermalogica Grows The Biolumin-C Range With a New Eye Serum Launch

my eyes definitely move more than me

After the much-deserved success of biolumin-c face serum, dermalogica recently launched an eye serum, which completes its impressive brightening regimen. Since the facial treatment easily made it into my tightly edited line up of favorite Vitamin C serums, I am pretty ecstatic about the latest release. With that said, I remain skeptical about the necessity of a separate serum specific to the area around the eyes. Do I still need to layer a cream over it? Because I have neither the time nor the patience to do so. 

so good

Full disclosure:

I’ve been using the new serum for exactly a week so I will not be speaking about long term results such as brightening because currently, there are none. Yet.

Spoiler alert:

I can’t wait to finish the tube. I’ve been applying it twice daily and the skin around my eyes is loving it. More below. 

eye wands not included

After showing the cute and creative (and appropriately sized) mailer on my IG stories, two questions immediately landed in my DM box. Is it irritating? And does it have any fragrance? Both are totally valid. I wouldn’t dare extend my Vitamin C serum application to the area around the eyes. I reserve that for Hyaluronic Acid and even some Retinol formulas at night. Vitamin C often times irritates the fragile skin right below the lash line. 

yes, guys need eye care, too

Dermalogica highlights their highly bioavailable form of Vitamin C as the key ingredient. After a quick glance at the deck, I spy Aminopropyl Ascorbyl Phosphate and Ascorbyl Methylsilanol Pectinate, both proven to be stable and effective. What I find even more exciting however, is what these brightening agents are sandwiched between. There is Chia Seed Oil which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Papain that delivers gentle microexfoliation, as well as Arjuna Tree and Tremella Mushroom Extracts, both potent antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties. Add micro-algae, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Vitamin B3 and you have a superb brightening solution that also hydrates and firms the skin. With that said, I experience zero irritation. 

my signature look feat. dry hands

Biolumin-c eye serum does not contain added fragrance. It includes Grapefruit Peel Oil, which lends a faint citrus aroma to the silky formula. Since the scent doesn’t linger, it hasn’t been an issue for me. Truth be told, most of my dermalogica favorites provide minimal scentsory experiences so I find the eye serum quite refreshing. 

p.s. six month shelf-life

A week into my biolumin-c eye serum adventure, I am convinced this tube will be gone by Spring. That’s how much I’m enjoying it. It’s a treatment, not a moisturizer so most will need to layer a richer formula over it to prevent dryness, especially during this time of year. This also goes for those of you who fear creasing of your undereye concealer. I am looking forward to the brightening effects, which typically take a couple of months to notice, but already I am looking more rested and alert. This is coming from someone who wakes up unreasonably early every single day. Even on vacation. 

btw, the face serum is legit

As a fan of the brand who for over a decade has used its score staples (loyalist of the special cleansing gel for probably 15 years!), I have yet to be underwhelmed by dermalogica. Not to mention, they pioneered the industry with the original precleanse and daily microfoliant long before cleansing oils or enzyme infused powder face washes became the latest trend. The new biolumin-c eye serum is a fantastic addition to what I hope will become a broader range of brightening formulas. I’m crossing my fingers that a cleanser or masque is in the works. 

$70 (15ml) and ships free from,, or


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