The Mood Shifting Beauty Products to Enjoy on a Sick Day

You know the morning when coffee doesn’t taste right and unfolding a sheet mask seems like a task of incomprehensible proportions? When more concealer and dry shampoo won’t make you look any more alive because you feel like a bona fide wreck? Cold, flu, a 24 hour bug – whatever the case, you’re staying in. Below are some of my favorite solutions to help you do you.

Shower. You’ll feel better.

Personally, I prefer to start the day with something zippy in the shower. The Dr. Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Vitalizing Body Wash is a perfect pairing on mornings when I’m ‘not feeling it’. Hydrating and invigorating, the creamy formula takes care of your senses and provides much welcomed TLC to your skin. $19 at

Wash your face.

Cleansing may seem like a chore when you’re not feeling well but not when you have a jar of Max & Me Sweet Serenity. This mask and wash hybrid is hand blended in Vienna and restores balance to both skin and mind. Beyond luxurious, this pure formula boasts some of the most amazing botanicals, which calm irritation and impart an impressive glow. The herbal aroma will elevate your mood STAT. Warning: expensive. #RealFacts: so good though. €220


As a general rule, I avoid potent actives such as Retinol when I’m under the weather. Your skin is already under attack when the immune system is battling whatever is bringing you down, so I soothe and comfort it with Avène Tolérance Extrême Cream. This ultra straightforward cream features just seven ingredients and delivers only the necessary, skin protecting, lipid mimicking, moisture binding magic. An emergency staple. $38

Cough & Cold Balm

A surprising discovery this winter, the Camille Beckman Cough & Cold Balm is my new all-natural replacement for the forever hated Vick’s Vaporub. If you’re congested or coughing up a storm, warm up a little bit of this dense balm and rub it on your chest or add it to hot water (bath OR shower) to improve your breathing. Infused with Lemon and Eucalyptus Oils, this plant wax and butter base has a surprisingly light scent. Don’t expect it to feel warm or tingly. It works without the traditional bells and whistles. Super vegan, too. $10.95 at


Another Camille Beckman find, these milky bath soaks are absolutely genius. Combining Epsom Salt, Powdered Coconut Milk and various essential oils, these blends work and smell phenomenally well. Though they are labeled, “Women’s Wellness”, I officially attest not to have gotten any more gay after having used them. Be sure to rinse the tub after soaking (even if you’re super tired) because powdered bath accoutrements will leave behind a ring that is tough to remove after it dries. You’re welcome. $3.50 each at


Having been raised just ten minutes from the German border, I assure you no one does holistic aromatherapy better. As a kid, every bath I took smelled exactly like the Kneipp formulas finally available Stateside. Insanely true to the specifics in each scent, every option is a winner. My favorites for an achy evening? Deep Breathe Mineral Bath Salt, Dream Away Bath Oil and Enjoy Life Herbal Bath. Use sparingly. The aromas are robust. $4 – $32 at

Foot Peel

We know that Baby Foot peels are miraculous but rarely can we find a free hour to commit. My solution? Whenever I plop myself in front of the TV with zero desire to do anything but sit, I bring out the foot peel booties. There are now so many options. Recently, I’ve been using Kocostar Foot Therapy from Nordstrom and it’s only $9.50. Remember to remain sitting upright. And brace yourself for the peeling insanity a week later.


There is seriously nothing that centers and calms me more than lavender. Especially when I can’t get comfortable and feel ‘off’. A jar of Farmaesthetics Deep Lavender Rub is a perfect bedside addition that helps relieve anxiety, fatigue, and stress related to a cold. Organic Almond Oil and Beeswax are infused with Lavender, Menthol, Rosemary, Ginger and Eucalyptus Essential Oils for a relaxing sensory experience. Rub a small amount into the pulse points and inhale… Dab some on the back of your neck and enjoy the lingering medley through the night. $27 at

Worker B Cream

Composed only of Olive Oil and Beeswax, this rich moisturizer is the answer to the irritated, red nostrils that remains after having killed a box of Kleenex. A tiny dab will cancel out the stubborn flakiness that is bound to ensue. Genius as a lip balm, cuticle ointment (it lasts between hand washes, too), or as an overnight foot treatment (wear socks to bed when you’re sick!), this easily spreadable salve is all around superb. Every worker B purchase helps save our local bees, which is pretty freaking important since one third of the food we eat depends on pollination. That includes avocado. $22 at

Disclaimer: The products above won’t cure your medical condition but will instead seduce you into a feeling of well-being thus reducing any self-pity and moodiness.


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