Happy Fr-EYE-day! – Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful Rejuvenating Eye Cream

There is a thrill to finding an affordable eye cream that works. I recently discovered Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful rejuvenating eye cream, a spontaneous purchase during our last trip that has become one of my favorite souvenirs. With a good-for-everyone approach, this moisturizing under eye rejuvenator is my most reached for at the moment. Very well rounded, it is suitable for all skin types at every age on any budget. Day. And. Night.

The new Soap & Glory eye cream has phenomenal texture. Whipped just enough to hold its shape, it is creamy but not thick, spreads super easily and absorbs within seconds. Moisturizing and rejuvenating with a side of brightening, Make Yourself Youthful boasts a few trademarked moves. Super-Youth™ P3000 Peptides is the anti-aging hero blend, Energinseng™ revitalizes with ginseng and caffeine, the Swiftlift™ Technology helps to fight gravity, and Lightscramble Luminospheres™ are the Windex to the windows of your soul. If you have one.

soap glory make yourself youthful rejuvenating eye cream review

With ultra hydrating shea butter on the ingredient list, expect great moisture and a perfect base for your concealer application. Not at all greasy, it is great for daytime and the addition of soothing Cucumber Extract makes it a perfect treat for your evening skincare routine. My under eye area can always benefit from a boost. Make Yourself Youthful hydrates, brightens, and tightens,which makes it instantaneously useful exactly when needed.

soap and glory rejuvenating eye cream make yourself youthful inhautepursuit

Make Yourself Youthful grabs you with its cute name and a box that is fun yet far from juvenile. The jar itself is silver toned – high shine polish, definitely high end, not High Street. And it’s still light enough to travel with. You don’t need a great eye to find Soap & Glory familiar. This is not the brand founder’s first rodeo. Marcia Kilgore, succeeded with the launch and then sale of her first beauty venture, of which many may have heard. Bliss Spa, anyone? The design elements and marketing of both brands share a similar aesthetic.

soap and glory make yourself youthful eye cream review inhautepursuit

Though not in the market for an eye cream, walking into Boots in London proved I don’t need to be in the market for anything to develop a new routine. When I saw the new Soap & Glory item there for £14, I grabbed it without any great expectations simply because I had seen it a few days before at Sephora in NYC for $38. Nothing about not buying it would have been wise. While the price in the UK is a way better deal, it’s also well worth the weight in US dollars.


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