The Saint Jane CBD Eye Cream is Scoring High On My Current Favorites List

Happy National CBD Day! (I can’t believe I just wrote that). I’m certainly no expert on the benefits of Cannabidiol, but I can tell you that after having thrown out my back yesterday, a couple of 25mg CBD capsules sure made the day easier to manage. And, regarding topicals, higher doses of this it ingredient (which sure is having a moment in the beauty industry) in facial formulas significantly reduces the puffy appearance caused by inflammation.

I’ve been a huge fan of the Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum and C Drops since their launches, so I was over the moon when a chic jar of the Bright Repair CBD Eye Cream arrived last month. Since the pandemic has led to regular overindulgences in wine and snacks, waking up refreshed has become a distant memory. Until now. I’m all about the brilliant new release below.

What is it?

The new Bright Repair CBD Eye Cream has a gel-cream texture, a faint scent that hovers between fresh and floral, and is housed in a stately, square black jar with the brand’s signature gold plaque label. Of course, the glass component is recyclable. The creamy and easily spreadable consistency makes for a perfect ‘happy medium’ formula that absorbs quickly yet leaves the skin feeling instantly nourished and moisturized. In other words, it’s ideal for use under your makeup during the day or as an overnight repairing treatment in your evening routine. I’m having great success using it twice a day. The best part? It doesn’t pill, which for an eye cream is a major win. 

What’s in it?

The ingredient list in the latest Saint Jane formula is impressive. It’s infused with 500mg of Full Spectrum CBD to tackle the dreaded puffiness triggered by inflammation. It won’t cancel out the annoying facial bloating caused by that plate of nachos or the over salted Thai food takeout though. It will, however, help you achieve a well-rested look in the morning. 

This eye cream didn’t come to play. It includes my favorite antioxidants, Green Tea Extract and Resveratrol to prevent free radical damage caused by environmental stressors. More importantly, the bright promise comes via a 10% concentration of 3-Glyceryl Ascorbate, a stable and safe Vitamin C derivative designed for those with sensitive skin, and which tackles dark circles and hyperpigmentation caused by overexposure to UV. The ‘Glyceryl’ component makes this antioxidant also a humectant, which is great news for those for whom past Vitamin C experiments have led to dryness. Lastly, the ingredient deck features Vegan Collagen, a protein our skin desperately needs as we age to maintain a more plump, more youthful appearance. Bookending the inci list is Allantoin, an extract derived from the Comfrey plant, known for its soothing and healing properties. Told you; this eye cream ain’t here to play. 

If you’re on the fence…

I refuse to get into the ‘do you really need a separate eye cream?’ debate. I’ve been using eye creams since I was twenty. At forty, I can attest that eye cream loyalty pays off. Can you find a great eye cream for less than the Saint Jane Bright Repair CBD Eye Cream? You can. Can you find one that contains CBD with other anti-aging ingredients that delivers a luxe user experience with visible results? I have not. When used properly, eye creams last for months so think of them as an easily justifiable investment in your annual self-care budget. 

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