Omorovicza Midnight Renewal – The Retinal Serum You Need To Try

Few brands evoke that foreign, luxe spa aesthetic as strongly as Omorovicza. With a heritage deeply rooted in the mineral rich thermal springs of Hungary, the collection offers a range of targeted treatments wide enough to accommodate all skin types without feeling overwhelming. Over the years, I’ve made their decadent cleansers and potent face masks frequent guest stars in my self-care repertoire but I wouldn’t call myself a die-hard loyalist. This may have just changed; the recently-launched Midnight Renewal Serum may just be my new overnight sensation. A bit more of an in-depth review below.

What is it?

This serum is a night time solution that aims to repair and rejuvenate fatigued, dull complexions. While our skin is in constant fight mode during the day (brought on by UV exposure, stress, and so on), at night, its defense system is down. This is precisely when the skin is most prone to absorb and process all sought-after ingredients. The lightweight Midnight Renewal Serum is a treatment step so unless you’re pretty oily and it’s the middle of a hot, humid summer, you should layer a moisturizer on top. As the name suggests, this latest addition is formulated exclusively for PM application.

What’s in it?

This is where things get *really* good. Fans of retinoids, this one’s for you. Omorovicza’s Midnight Renewal is a Vitamin A superstar with Retinal (aka retinaldehyde, which only requires a single conversion step to become retinoic acid) as its anti-aging hero. This silky serum pairs it with a botanical alternative, Bakuchiol Oil to boost the brightening and firming powers. Even more impressive is the bio-active microalgae extract, which shields the skin’s cortisone receptors and lessens the stress hormone’s damaging effects on our skin. This is a seriously innovative anti-aging approach backed by science. Told you. I’m impressed.

Always on-brand, every Omorovicza formula is powered by Hungarian Thermal Water, which is abundant in soothing and repairing minerals, trace elements, and vitamins. *adds visiting Budapest for the sake of soaking to bucket list*

Fair warning: there is a scent. And it’s floral. The note of mimosa blossom is quite present and while all natural, it does linger. But only for a few minutes. Personally, I love it but those who are accustomed to and appreciate Omorovicza for its almost scent-less vibe may be surprised. Hopefully, pleasantly.

How & When

The new Midnight Renewal serum is your nighttime solution. Retinal can cause minor flaking or redness (think the first 3 weeks of introducing it into your routine), so it’s important to layer a moisturizer over it. Omorovicza recommends using a cream rather than an oil. Since I prefer to seal my PM treatment with a nourishing facial oil, I have strayed from this recommendation. I was warned that an oil may not ‘sit well’ on the liquigel texture. Though I hadn’t tried the Omorivcza face oil, a half dropper of my staple from The Feelist worked brilliantly.  Most importantly I’ve not experienced any dryness.

If you’re not a fan of face oils, go in with a night cream or a sleeping mask after Midnight Renewal. The takeaway here: listen to your skin to enjoy a luxurious (and efficacious) layering sequence. Very important: don’t skip broad-spectrum SPF during the day after introducing any retinoid to your routine.

Final Thoughts

It’s been two weeks since I received my bottle. The committed person that I am, I’ve used it every night. My skin is looking and feeling pretty great. It’s slightly brighter and more even but it’s the texture that is noticeably smoother. My current regimen involves applying a pretty amazing new Vitamin C during the day (more on that next week) and Omorovicza’s Midnight Renewal at night. The rule of C for day and A for night has served my skin very well this past decade and I am loving how this formula has elevated my routine. As I navigate the prestige beauty market, Omorovicza has yet to steer me wrong. This splurge is fully justified. 

$185 (30ml),

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