MAC Hyper Real Serumizer & SkinCanvas Balm Review

The MAC Hyper Real skin launch was impossible to ignore on social media. The dreamy visuals were nothing short of stunning. A couple of weeks ago, I ended up at Ulta after happy hour and picked up two items from the new collection: the Serumizer and SkinCanvas Balm. I’ve always been a fan of the Fix+ mist. The Blot Powder was the only thing that helped with my oily T-zone when I was in my twenties. The trust was there. 

Since I’m turning forty three this year, I was happy to see the richer formulas that I felt would be more suitable for my changing skin. So far, I’m enjoying both. Quite a bit. More below. 

What is Hyper Real about?

Referred to as High-Performance Skincare by MAC, the new collection is about improving our skin and prepping it for makeup application. It also promises to help your makeup wear flawlessly for up to 12 hours. Since I rarely wear makeup, I chose to focus on the complexion perfecting properties. And I’m a sucker for good ingredients and chic packaging. 

The HyperReal lineup includes the Serumizer, SkinCanvas Balm (both of which are available in full and travel-sizes), Fresh Canvas Cleansing Oil, and skincare applicator brush. The skincare formulas feature MAC’s proprietary blend called Pro-4 Power Infusion Matrix™  which includes Japanese Peony Extract, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, and Ceramides. If you’re unfamiliar with the Japanese variety of the Peony flower (because I was), I learned that it has superb moisturizing, soothing, and antioxidant properties. It also helps to add radiance and even out skin tone over time. Give me all the Japanese Peony Extract, now!

The Serumizer

Cleverly named because of its serum moisturizer hybrid abilities, this creamy, lightweight treatment can easily double as a makeup primer. Its main goal is to fortify and balance the skin barrier, and make pores appear smaller. Personally, I am here for the fresh-faced look it provides. I can absolutely see the radiant effect. The formula has subtle light-reflecting properties but it’s not an aggressive shimmer by any means. Yes, it’s Mica but the particles feel microscopic in size and the iridescence is more of a glow. Two pumps per application is plenty of product. I like this one a lot. 

The SkinCanvas Balm

Definitely not a balm, this creamy moisturizer has an almost whipped consistency. It’s a cream, and nowhere near what I’d call a balm. To me, balm implies a more solid texture that usually transforms into an oil before melting into the skin. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk application and results. So far I’ve used it over the Serumizer and other serums in my repertoire (this Vitamin C one as well as water-based Hyaluronic Acid serums) and find that it works great without pilling. It also does well under tinted sunscreen and almost boosts my SPF to give a touch of healthy glow.

Since my rather minimal makeup routine includes the Jones Road WTF What The Foundation, I have no need to use the SkinCanvas formula. WTF is quite moisturizing on its own. I’d imagine if your tinted moisturizer or foundation is on the lighter side (texture, not shade obviously), this would provide a nice base for pigment to last longer without sliding down your face. The fragrance used in MAC Hyper Real skincare is unmistakably floral. While I enjoy it, I can understand it may be a tad too present for those sensitive to scents. 

Final thoughts

Will this duo replace other treatment formulas in my routine? Most likely not. I do think the MAC Hyper Real formulas are a solid addition to a line up for anyone who may be exploring anti-aging products or who enjoys a multi-tasker. Personally, I am keeping these around for non-active days when I feel like having a skincare aficionado off-duty day. 

The Serumizer $55 (30ml) and SkinCanvas Balm $49 (50ml) are available at

Serumizer ingredients

SkinCanvas Balm ingredients
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