This In Fiore Serum Is A Clean Beauty Game Changer

Currently on second tube…

A few days ago, during my rapid fire Q & A on Instagram stories, someone asked about my favorite recent product launch. Usually, such a question would have required a pause to think. Not in this case. I responded immediately that it is the In Fiore Fleur Vibrante Serum Cerate. If you’re new to the brand, the luxe apothecary range is known for their ‘perfumery as medicine’ philosophy. And as someone who every so often cures his blues (or a severe case of resting bitch face) with a dropper full of Fleur Vibrante Solution Botanique, I can attest that the tagline is not at all an exaggeration. 

A handful of current In Fiore treatments I have in rotation.
One for day, one for night.

What is this new serum and why do I love it? 

It’s a counterpart to the brand’s iconic Fleur Vibrante Balm known for its healing and mega hydrating properties. Here’s the plot twist: since there are people who stay away from balms and oils (French women and the entire Asian population), In Fiore formulated a serum with a balm-to-oil texture that feels completely weightless and non-greasy. I still can’t get over how the rich, silky texture just disappears into the skin without the slightest hint of slip or shine. And that I can wear it during the day. 

Gorgeous, rich, bright hue is all natural.

Have you heard of titration?

Before I get you excited about ingredients, it’s worth mentioning that the new serum is formulated with the titration process, something that I learned about only recently. This method enables full extraction of the entire plant (from root through stem to leaves and flowers) and guarantees the utmost consistency from batch to batch. Most importantly, this delivery system results in impressive potency and efficacy. Think luxe pharmacy vibes. Emphasis on luxe. Side note: as far as I know, In Fiore is the first brand to use the titration method in the U.S.

You can totally layer both.

What’s in it?

The new Serum Cerate is first and foremost an antioxidant powerhouse that protects your skin from the damaging effects of the environment. In addition to shielding us from the damage caused by UV exposure, the formula highlights nutrient dense botanicals that calm irritation and help the skin recover from stressful conditions such as lack of sleep, jet lag, or extreme temperatures. Hero ingredient callouts go to Calendula Extract, Sea Buckthorn, and Carrot oil. These naturally occurring antioxidants repair and protect compromised skin but also improve its tone and firmness over time. Best of all, within a couple of days, you will notice your complexion looking brighter and more glowing. P.S. The Jasmine aroma is truly intoxicating. Because perfume as medicine. Remember?

My skin is loving this duo at night!

How do you use it?

I needed the ‘how to’ by Julie Elliott, High Priestess of Formulas and founder of In Fiore herself. My first question (over a four hour long coffee date in SF in November) was, “do I treat it as a serum or as an oil?” The reply: as a serum. I cleanse, apply an essence, wait for my skin to dry and then apply Serum Cerate. During the day, I simply layer my everyday sunscreen over it without any pilling issues whatsoever. At night, I cleanse, exfoliate, apply Serum Cerate, and usually put on whatever face oil I have in rotation. After a few months of use, I discovered that I prefer to use it over my retinol on nights on which I reach for a retinol product. 

BTW, Pure Complexe is my favorite face oil from In Fiore (perfect for easily congested skin)

Last month, over a festive three hour lunch with Julie in New York, I asked if I’ve been using too much of the serum. As it turns out, I have been. Prior to this conversation. I had been using the length of my index finger to determine the amount of a product to apply. I now squeeze just enough to cover the tip of my finger and dab it over my face. Massaging the product into the skin takes literally seconds. If you’re an In Fiore enthusiast and already a fan of the original balm (which, by the way, is never going away I am being told), you can layer Serum Cerate underneath the balm. I am currently trying this out at night. My favorite combination? The new serum with the Énergisant Orientale moisturizer over it. 

If you’re looking to introduce a more potent antioxidant serum into your routine, the latest Fleur Vibrante ancillary is a clean beauty game changer. Available at infior $115 (20ml)


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