Ayuna Terra Bella is Beauty Heroes December Discovery And The Blessing We All Need

A year after dropping the gorgeous Terra rejuvenating treatment, Ayuna launches Terra Bella exclusively via Beauty Heroes this December. The truly exquisite collaboration is part ultimate holiday gift to yourself, part bringing the most miserable year on the highest self-care note one could ask for to a close. The eco-luxe brand from Barcelona is known for some of the most memorable product experiences in the clean beauty industry. I want to say this brand new launch is no exception but the truth is, it’s actually next level when it comes to efficacy, sensoriality, and ingredient innovation. Let’s break down why you need it and why you shouldn’t wait since this limited edition will be sold out way before the holidays.

The vessel

Terra Bella arrives in a gorgeous intricately-folded box to safely house the clay stunning jar. Said box stays intact without a drop of glue and is completely recyclable. This year, the ceramic vessel has a beautiful green hue; somewhere between sage and moss. It’s not the color, however, that stands out to me the most. Each ceramic jar is touched by hand by artisans in Valencia, Spain, unique pieces of art that just happen to be 100% bio-degradable. Not to sound like a scripture quoting fanatic but having grown up in Poland, I attest that one can never shake the catholic guilt. “From dust you came, and to dust you shall return” governs this packaging, which is beyond any doubt the most environmentally friendly concept I have come across to date. It also looks chic af on the vanity. Serious Gwyneth vibes. 

The product

Beauty Heroes organized a Zoom with Ayuna prior to this launch so that ambassadors could ask questions, compare notes, and learn directly from the Founder. I tend to dodge most zoom invites (some meetings really can be summarized more effectively in an email), but I was thrilled to have heard first hand from those on the inside about what makes Terra Bella so special.

Cannabic Sublimating Cream (That’s Right)

The hero ingredient of Terra Bella is Cannabis Sativa Callus Lysate, which I learned is used in neurocosmetics because of its positive impact on both our skin and brain. Yes, brain. This unique compound stimulates our skin microbiota to produce a postbiotic blend that in turn leads to a synthesis of oxytocin, a neuropeptide hormone that improves the skin’s ability to heal and triggers a well-being response. What I’ve been saying to myself: Terra Bella will make me look and feel better. On days like this I wish I hadn’t cut all those high school biology and chemistry classes. This is truly fascinating stuff.

Ayuna believes our skin is more than tissue — it’s the vehicle through which Terra Bella utilizes the power of bacteria to affect the brain. Cannabis Sativa Callus Lysate is an extract from stem cells and does not contain CBD or THC. (I’ve only recently learned that hemp oil does not necessarily contain CBD.) The creamy formula boasts cellular plasma of turmeric, postbiotics, plant oils, and sugars — all in a base of 100% organic muscat grape water. Cheers to that!

I’m still not 100% confident in the notes I took during the presentation, but I was struck by the amount of science behind Terra Bella— gleaned from twenty independent studies. This formula required the strictest and most rigorous approval process because of its therapeutic nature. It is also formulated to European CROs (Contract Research Standards).


Unlike the original Terra, which launched last year, Terra Bella is of slightly lighter and creamier consistency. Upon application, the texture feels more airy and has a more user-friendly slip to it. The moment it comes in contact with the skin however, it does become very creamy and quite opaque, similar to the original. It takes a minute to absorb, which provides to take in the signature Ayuna aroma that I absolutely adore — it’s clean, and fresh; it evokes the scent of coastal air with a whisper of lychee. With regard to layering, I (a huge fan of Cream II) abide by the Ayuna mantra: less is beauty. I cleanse, acid tone, and go in with a pea size amount of Terra Bella. Recently, I’ve been using it at night over my retinoid (skipping acid treatment) and it’s been working brilliantly. As soon as the cold winter temps hit, I plan to enjoy it during the day — stay tuned for a report on how it wears under sunscreen.

Tips & Facts

  • Closing the jar: this may take some practice since it’s not the standard screw-on lid we are used to. There is a silicone ring on the outer part of the jar’s neck so use a gentle motion of twisting and pressing down lightly to create an almost air-tight closure. 
  • Use sparingly: Ayuna means fast in Spanish. Not as in ‘quick’ but as in ‘not eating’. A small amount of cream is plenty to cover your face. The moisturizer will turn white (almost pasty) as you massage it into skin. Personally, I am getting the best results using the tapping/pressing motion vs rubbing it in. It does take a while to absorb around my facial hair.
  • Shelf life: 12 months after opening, 30 months unopened but due to the precious and clean nature of the cream, store it in a cool dark place
  • Terra Bella is 100ml in size, which is twice the industry standard for moisturizer
  • Truly a collector’s item, Terra Bella is a limited run SKU with 500 jars available. Next year we will see the release of a new Terra and this one will become Cream III, housed in a gorgeous black jar.

Available while supplies last, this December Discovery is valued at $455 but can be yours for as little as $39.95 if you sign up for an annual subscription. I highly recommend this since Beauty Heroes surprise arrivals are what have made 2020 bearable (along with ‘Joe Exotic’ and ‘The Queen’s Gambit‘). If you opt for a 3-month delivery, it is $45.95 per box and the 6-month sub brings the cost to $41.95 per box. Check out all options at beauty-heroes.com.


If you’re in Northern California, please check out my post from last year’s visit to the Beauty Heroes store in Novato. Hope you pop by to explore the gorgeous selection!


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