Tata Harper – Holiday Season Must-Haves (aka December Favorites)

tata harper range favorites cleanser mask muscle gel hand cream review inhautepursuitWith holiday madness in full swing, keeping up with a proper skincare routine can be difficult. For this reason, I claim December to be the trickiest month of the year. Unless, of course, you don’t socialize, drink, stress out nor travel. Or is it just me? Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, going out with friends, meeting strangers, or recovering from any or all of the above, my latest favorites will have you feeling amazing and looking even better. In other words: Tata Harper errthang!

tata harper regenerating cleanser review inhautepursuit

Days may indeed be shorter and no matter how insanely busy you might be, you can’t skip washing your face. The Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser is a helpful multi-tasker that combines a face wash with a daily exfoliator to leave your complexion perfectly cleansed, hydrated, and radiant in one easy step. Lush, creamy, and slightly scrubby, it is Aloe Vera based, infused with non-irritating Apricot Seed Powder and blended with Rose Clay, Sunflower Seed Oil, Grapefruit Peel, Rice, and Pomegranate Extracts. Apply to dry skin and massage it in for a deep cleanse that purifies and refines the look of pores, revealing a healthy glow. Other perks: intoxicating aroma and the majestic glass bottle with a pump. $38 (1.7 oz.) and $75 (4.1 oz.)tata harper review moisturizing mask inhautepursuit holiday favoritesA real treat and a total winner, the Tata Harper Moisturizing Mask is a powerhouse moisture complex that revives dull, tired skin like nothing I’ve used before. Beyond nourishing, it bounces your questionable appearance back to life in as little as half an hour. Best worn overnight, it completely erases signs of dehydration, plumps up, and smoothes out dry patches resulting in a fresh and rested look. Packed with Hyaluronic Acid and countless botanicals, it highlights Camellia, Olive, Tamanu Oils, Meadowfoam, Coconut, Arnica, Comfrey, Borage, and Calendula among other extracts. Use it before an event, after a late night or a long flight, prior to seeing your in-laws or facing people you haven’t seen in a while. $110 (1.7 oz.)

tata harper aromatic irritability treatmentExtremely handy around the holidays, the Aromatic Irritability Treatment has been one of the most reached for products in my stash recently. This magical blend of Roman Chamomile, Bergamot, and Patchouli Essential Oils soothes, cheers, and mellows out this spaz upon the first sniff. Ultra portable, this pocket size rollerball is a must-have if you just want to disconnect, re-center and avoid saying anything you may regret. Apply a few drops to your pulse points (inside of wrists, sides of your neck and behind the ears) or directly to the palm of your hand, warm it up by rubbing your hands together, cup around the nose and take five deep breaths. There. No more Mean Girls. $65 (0.16 oz.)

tata harper review rejuvenating hand cream inhautepursuitCrucial to your routine this time of year, hand cream is an absolute non-negotiable. The Tata Harper Rejuvenating Hand Cream is a lightweight, quick absorbing formula that nourishes parched hands instantly without feeling greasy. Soothing, repairing, and softening, it is rich in protective Shea Butter and Beeswax as well as myriad skin loving plant extracts. Besides lasting hydration and a faint, pleasant scent, its most appreciated feature is the TSA approved tube. $48 (1.7 oz.)

tata harper soothing muscle gel review inhautepursuitLastly, because we spend more time on our feet in December than the entire year, pick up a tube of the Tata Harper Soothing Muscle Gel. You will walk, stand, dance, possibly trip, and probably fall. If you’re more responsible and, let’s say, take spin classes (what. ever.), you are going to need it, too. Genius to address muscle pain and discomfort, this cooling/warming solution is fueled by healing Arnica and a blend of Cistus, Lemon Peel and Blue Cypress, Silver Fir, Ginger and Turmeric to soothe sore muscles and provide instant relief. $40 (1.7 oz.)

Formulated without fillers, artificial fragrance, nor colors, all Tata Harper products are 100% natural and nontoxic. Scented only with plant extracts, this range provides truly remarkable aromatherapy. With options that cater to every skin type, this Vermont made range is worth the treat this holiday season. Explore the full line at tataharper.com and curated selections at Sephora.com, Nordstrom.com and SpaceNK.com.


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  1. December 3, 2015 / 12:07 pm

    Bart, we are so happy to hear how happy you are with your Tata Harper Products! Your points about the difficulty of keeping up your skincare routine throughout the holidays is so true, but it seems like you are doing a wonderful job! Thanks so much for sharing!
    xoxo The Tata Harper Team

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