Back in My Life: Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

Searching for a gritty, sugar based, deliciously scented and all natural face scrub wash hybrid? Suki exfoliate foaming cleanser covers all the bases. First introduced to me via a fellow male beauty blogger circa 2014, a jar landed on my desk recently and like a boomerang, the memories of the softest skin ever with unparalleled mind soothing aromatherapy returned…

What is it?

The exfoliate foaming cleanser is formulated using strictly plant based ingredients and kicks off its ingredient deck with saponified coconut oil and sugar. Saponified means ‘turned into soap,’ which delivers the foaming part that many associate with the feeling of clean. Sugar delivers sweet mechanical exfoliation. Literally.

What’s in it?

Fueled by hydrating squalane and soothing colloidal oat and rice flours as well as extracts of chamomile, lavender, calendula, sweet orange peel and seaweed, this suki fan favorite ensures glow inducing results without drying out the skin. Surprisingly gentle in spite of the grit, it polishes off surface impurities and conditions the dermis with a nourishing blend of olive and safflower oils. Almost a minimalist in its approach, the unique formula is impressive on all counts.

How & When?

Suitable for AM or PM, I prefer to use it either alone first thing in the morning or as the second step of my double cleanse before bed. I opt for the morning because I find the very present (and omg I am so into it) lemongrass aroma energy boosting and revitalizing. Most spas incorporate lemongrass to soothe and relax, so if you are having difficulties falling asleep, try it at night as part of your decompressing hot shower.

My scrub & me…

Should you use it everyday? If you’re oily and use no other exfoliators, then I would say yes. Since my routine includes retinols and acids, I usually indulge just a couple of times a week. It’s looking pretty chic sinkside at the moment because this klutz gets all the water into any jar that becomes part of the shower shelfie. My only gripe: the paste texture is just a tad too crumbly and can slip off the top of my finger when I’m scooping it out of the gorgeous glass container.

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