philosophy ultimate miracle worker multi-rejuvenating retinol+superfood oil and pads

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If you’re like me (late thirties, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, real signs of aging, etc.), you may want to try the new philosophy ultimate miracle worker multi-rejuvenating retinol+superfood oil and pads. This crafty anti-aging solution–in spite of its long name–has become a constant in my routine over the last month. Results? A major yes with a few words of caution. Keep reading!

Real talk: retinol is drying. It speeds up cell renewal something fierce, so the freshly unveiled glow may bring on some sensitivity, especially to the sun. First-time users, tread lightly. Having experienced Tazorac over a decade ago, I can personally attest to the resulting redness and flaking, both of which were neither subtle nor easy to address. Since moving away from prescription strength, I’ve discovered seriously impressive over the counter options, the latest of which is the philosophy launch.

Intended as a single application formula, the ultimate miracle worker consists of pads and a liquid solution. Pour the entire contents of the bottle over the stack of soft cotton rounds, allow them to saturate for a few minutes, and you’re ready to begin your radiance revealing makeover that night.

The resurfacing blend contains pure retinol, skin conditioning bisabolol, squalene, alfalfa extract, and a fusion of argan, sacha inchi, pomegranate, olive, coconut and safflower oils, the combination of which helps avoid dryness related fiascos. There is zero tingle and absolutely no scent. The soaked pad may appear dry, but it holds the precise amount of product needed to cover your entire face and neck. It’s the oil content that makes it more silky than watery and is the reason it leaves behind a slightly satiny finish.

Apply to clean, dry skin only at bedtime and every other night until you build up your tolerance. Then, you can graduate to nightly use. Since I rotate multiple exfoliants, the ultimate miracle worker pads are my three times a week treat. Another reason I love? The slim fit, leak-free jar that’s perfect for travel.

It is super important that you always moisturize afterward. Yes, there are oils and other nourishing ingredients in the solution but it’s still pure retinol and that stuff is strong. My combination skin requires a light layer either of oil (Marula is my go-to) or of a richer cream (when hope is not enough facial replenishing balm!).

if you’re using retinol, you mustn’t skip sunscreen…

Don’t. Forget. Your. Lips. Since our lips have no sweat glands, they are the first to dry and crack. So, slather on a rich lip balm before bed (kiss me tonight is amazing). Lastly, never ever skip sunscreen during the day. Retinol triggers sensitivity to the sun, so be sure to select a daytime moisturizer with broad spectrum SPF of at least 30.

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