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If I have learned one thing during my almost twenty year long skincare obsession, it is that everybody needs a serum. It has been somewhat perplexing to me, therefore, that the male grooming segment of the beauty industry casually and routinely ignores this critical treatment step. Enter Non Gender Specific Everything Serum, one of the most refreshing product launches of 2018. Real talk: if you have skin, you can (and you will) benefit from this multi-tasker. Your gender is irrelevant. (Keep reading because at the end of this post, I am including some exciting giveaway details!)

I first chatted with the founder of Non Gender Specific, Andrew Glass, almost four years ago. Back then, he was involved with EvolutionMan, a skincare brand formulated specifically for the male market segment. Truthfully, their mask was pretty great. I don’t respond to the exclusivity that is ‘for guys only,’ so am typically oblivious to gender-specific marketing or solution driven product ideas. Skin is skin, no?

So when Andrew suggested that I try NGS, I didn’t hesitate. The very confident Everything Serum name alone held intriguing promise. And since I’ve gone full on green-curious this year, Non Gender Specific scored extra points with its new approach to green beauty, which intrigued me as well.

What is The Everything Serum?

Circling back to the opening line of this post, it’s a facial serum that everyone should consider incorporating into their daily routine. Is it a one size fits all? Indeed, it is. Is it a does-it-all facial treatment? Close. And, it’s truly gender-neutral. The packaging is sleek, stylish, and will look great on any vanity. Its user friendly texture is best described as a silky liqui-gel that absorbs incredibly fast, which makes it an excellent choice both for skincare minimalists and fans of layering. Another important tid bit — it’s fragrance-free. If your partner subtly reaches for whatever you’re using…this one is perfectly shareable.

What does it do?

This gentle yet potent formula addresses seven concerns: wrinkles, fatigue, elasticity, hyperpigmentation, pore size, brightness, and cellular rejuvenation. Just twenty-one carefully crafted natural ingredients tackle this broad range of issues. Jackpot, much?

What’s in it?

All good things. Hops brightens and revitalizes. White Horehound soothes and reduces redness. Anti-inflammatory Edelweiss and skin protecting mushroom extract also make appearances. And if you’re wondering where the gorgeous bright orange hue of the Everything Serum comes from… it’s the Astaxanthin microalgae sourced in Hawaii (one which gives tuna its rich red color). Besides impressive skin firming abilities, it is also known to be an excellent UV blocker. Other notable ingredients include ultra-hydrating Sodium Hyaluronate, energizing Caffeine, skin strengthening Nettle Leaf Extract, and antioxidant rich Tamanu and Grape Seed Oils.

How I use it

Those familiar with green beauty may have noticed that often many serums in this particular niche are actually facial oils. The Non Gender Specific Everything Serum, in contrast, is water-based, non-oily,  and feels really juicy; no slip, shine, or waiting time. I’ve been reaching for my bottle both morning and night. It is indeed very hydrating (yet lightweight) so I follow up with a sunscreen during the day and a richer moisturizer for extra cushion at night. It plays well with other products on my shelf — especially those fueled by actives (night time retinol user here).

NGS Ethos

The attraction to the Non Gender Specific brand extends beyond its complexion-perfecting performance. Every ingredient is sourced using unique environment-friendly methods and each stunning bottle (patented glass, you guys!) is filled at a solar-powered manufacturing facility. Flawless skin is as important as reducing our carbon footprint.

More details (and a giveaway!)

Can we talk about green beauty and the eco-luxe pricing for a quick second? I’m not pointing fingers at anyone specific, but things can get out of hand pretty quickly when shopping for clean skincare. Not so with Non Gender Specific. A whopping 50ml dropper bottle of the Everything Serum is $65, which is almost double the size of any serum out there. That’s a fact. And, here’s more good news, particularly for those feeling lucky! Head over to my instagram feed (click HERE) and enter for a chance to win your own Everything Serum in limited-edition packaging!

P.S. The brand has some excited launches slotted for next Spring… A face wash that I sampled and adored (Tea Tree fans rejoice!) and a  fragrance called Fluid… Stay tuned! 

You can find Non Gender Specific at,, and, of course their site,


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