L’OCCITANE Harmonie Divine Skincare Collection


Earlier this Fall, L’OCCITANE launched the Harmonie Divine Collection, which raised the luxury bar to a new singular level of anti-aging. As a long time fan of Immortelle Divine (Eye Cream is to-die-for and Mask gives me life), I am here to tempt you with this upgrade. Geared towards those with mature skin, which I often think, is PC speak for ‘over forty’, the latest Serum and Cream promises and delivers one of a kind firming and rejuvenating results.


As someone who will soon be approaching this target age group and whose lifestyle has been known to trigger dehydration, fatigue and the occasional side effects of sun damage — it’s never too early to prep against the future. In other words, for those who are noticing premature signs of aging or want to kick up the prevention mode a notch, please consider this new L’OCCITANE duo, which is pretty special. Read on for all you need to know.


What is Harmonie Divine?

Inspired by a rare blend of powerful botanicals, the new formulas are driven by Immortelle Millésimée, a flower that never fades and Jania Rubens, red algae with an ability to endlessly regenerate. Mind blown, much? This truly unique combination of extraordinary plant and marine extracts boasts superior anti-aging properties for skin that may be losing its elasticity and that is lacking radiance.

Harvested in sun drenched Corsica, both the Immortelle Millésimée flower and Jania Rubens algae grow in optimal conditions and therefore provide a high concentration of active molecules. Not your average crops, these meticulously nurtured ingredients are indeed, divine.

The Serum

State of the art really, the Harmonie Divine Serum utilizes pure Immortelle Millésimée essential oil, which just happens to be encapsulated and suspended in a lush base of Jania Rubens Extract. It is during application, when the pump dispenses the precious liquigel, that the two hero ingredients become one dreamy potion whose every drop delivers the freshest, most potent age fighting benefits. Fun fact: there are more than 5,000 micro-drops of oil in every bottle.


Silky and lightweight, this new L’OCCITANE Serum layers beautifully under your day or night time moisturizer. The skin feels More smooth, softer and visibly more radiant since it stays nourished and hydrated for hours. It’s an investment but if your budget can accommodate for it, I say splurge. This is one of the best launches I’ve come across this year. $220 (50ml)


Encapsulated Oil Realness

The Cream

As someone with a textbook case of temperamental skin, it is not an exaggeration to say I am the biggest fan of comforting cream formulas out there. The key is always to use it as intended, aka sparingly. L’OCCITANE Harmonie Divine Cream can be used day or night, always remembering to extend the application to the neck. Neither rich nor airy, this medium weight texture is whipped to perfection and glides on the skin like a dream.


Both Cream and Serum feature an addicting floral aroma similar to Immortelle Divine with a hint of sweetness. You will be amazed by how smooth and plump your skin feels and looks after a single use. And there is the additional benefit of aromatherapy. Those with dry and mature complexions will reap the magical benefits instantly. Personally, I cannot wait to become a bit more heavy handed as the weather gets colder. It’s superb. La Mer who? $220 (50ml)


Available at loccitane.com.

*press samples


Ingredients – SERUM


Ingredients – CREAM

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