Lab Series PRO LS All-in-One Cleansing & Hydrating Gel Duo – Cool For The Summer

A welcome break from rich balms and oils, my skin is embracing the newly arrived Spring weather with lighter textures this week. Formulated to fit even the most low maintenance guy’s grooming routine, the new Lab Series PRO LS All-in-One Face Cleansing and Hydrating Gel duo delivers maximum benefits with minimal effort. Known to edit their skincare needs down to the absolute basics, men do best with straightforward and weightless options. Good news everyone, this is it.

Inspired by a pro urban surfer vibe, this latest innovation complements an active lifestyle with high performance core essentials. Since nothing is more important than cleansing and moisturizing, the All-in-One gels have been created to freshen, soothe, hydrate, and cool. Beach body and surfer skills not required.

Cleansing Gel

As a fan of the MAX LS Daily Renewing Cleanser, I was equal parts excited and apprehensive about trying this much lighter face wash. A burst of clean, fresh, and invigorating properties has left my skin squeaky clean without a trace of tightness, dryness, nor discomfort. The rich lather removes surface impurities, excess oil, and environmental grime as it softens the facial hair prior to a shave. One step deep clean nailed.

A great option for every skin type, especially during warmer weather, it is infused with anti-inflammatory botanicals (Chamomile and Turkey Tail Mushroom Extracts), resurfacing enzymes, energizing Caffeine as well as conditioning Glycerin and Vitamin B5. This well rounded addition to a daily regimen is definitely impressive. Sink and shower friendly, I cannot rave enough about this one.

Hydrating Gel

While I’m no expert and definitely not a guru (the latter being a term that causes an allergic reaction), for me, the All-in-One Face Hydrating Gel actually ends up not being the perfect pick ‘For All Skin Types.’ It is indeed ultra lightweight, as described, and it does a fantastic job under sunscreen during the day on combination skin. If you’re very dry or truly oily, however, it may be trying to be something for everyone and miss addressing the needs of those on either end of the spectrum.

Packed with deeply hydrating and soothing ingredients like Sodium Hyaluronate, Cucumber, Caffeine, and Hoelen Mushroom Extracts, this antioxidant-rich formula wins the cooling and balancing game. Personally, I don’t find it drying. I keep my tube in the fridge for morning emergencies when I need to erase every trace of the night out. All that is necessary is quick follow up with an SPF and I’m ready to head out the door. A great entry point into men’s skincare, the Hydrating Gel is a basic done well. If your complexion craves a bit more moisture, check out the iconic All-in-One Face Treatment – it’s phenomenal.

Super Lightweight

One final thought…

The grooming segment within the beauty industry has adopted an overly-masculine approach to scent used in men’s skincare. I refer to it as mass-culine: it hovers between Jersey Shore and Antonio Banderas for men. A signature thread among every Lab Series formula is the subtle blend of green grass, aquatic, and clean airy notes. It’s universal. Not unisex. There isn’t a brand that does ‘for men’ better than these guys. Kudos.

Available at and department stores as of March 2017. Cleansing Gel $18 (150ml), Hydrating Gel $30 (75ml)

P.S. You also *NEED* the Recharging Water Lotion.

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