KORA Organics Noni Radiant Eye Oil

Is it me or in addition to the slight rebranding is Kora Organics now featuring a more approachable price point? Available at Sephora, after my having taken a three year hiatus, the range is back on my radar with the newly launched Noni Radiant Eye Oil. Which may be the first roll-on eye treatment I have fully embraced. Ever.

Eye Oil. Really?

Loyal to undereye hydrogel masks, serums, and creams, I’ve stayed away from the only eye oil formula in my stash because of its packaging. The UMA Anti-Aging Eye Oil comes in a tall, slip dropper bottle that is bound to topple over and spill when I next go to use it (poor coordination skills). The new Kora Organics fatigue fighting solution comes in a pocket size, super portable bottle with a roll-on applicator made of actual Rose Quartz. Good vibes and no chance of spilling. Win win.

What’s in it?

KORA is known for its carefully crafted, all natural and non-toxic ingredient decks and the Noni Radiant Eye Oil is no exception. Featuring the regenerating properties of Retinol, the Kahai Nut Oil is blended with Rosehip, Jojoba, and Sea Buckthorn Oils, to name a few. This nourishing base is infused with energizing Coffee Extract, firming Brown Algae, and tomato derived Lycopene – an ultra potent antioxidant that helps prevent and reverse damage to the delicate skin around the eyes. The secret weapon here, Noni Fruit Extract, is incredibly rich in Vitamins A and C guards against free radicals while providing anti-inflammatory benefits.

Noni Fruit (image via livestrong.com)

There is no added fragrance and the faint omega-ish scent that does not linger. Most importantly, in spite of its rich composition, it absorbs very well and works great under my Tom Ford Illuminating and Highlighting Pen (because while it does help with radiance, some of us need a little bit of pigment to look present). Surprisingly non-greasy, it visibly smoothens and brightens the areas under the eyes.

The roller ball is supposed to be baby pink, mine is more on the pale shade scale…

How to work that roller-ball?

Easy does it. Simply press the Rose Quartz applicator tip to the outer corner of your eye and roll it back and forth gently to release the product. Then, pat the oil in from the brow bone all the way to the inner corner of the eye. I go light in the AM and double up the dispensing at bedtime. Pop it in the freezer before your morning shower and enjoy the refreshing perk while preparing to face the day. I haven’t needed to layer an eye cream over it.

Since the metal roller-ball tips will likely loosen from the cabin pressure, I’ll be curious to see how this KORA gem (see what I did there?) performs on the next flight. If you’ve used it on-board, let me know!

$38 (10ml) at Sephora.com


*press sample

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