JO LOVES Mandrine Fragrance & Net-a-Porter Launch!

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Two things. Both major. JO LOVES released a new scent this summer and precisely as expected, Mandrine is serving sensory Positano realness and giving me life right now. Equally headline worthy, the British niche brand has launched a tightly edited collection on, expanding its UK exclusivity Stateside. Those who know me personally and whose dreams I crush when revealing ‘that’ fragrance I wear is not available in the US… Well, wait for it… It’s Pomelo and HERE it is.

jo loves mandrine review fragrance inhautepursuit

Those following me on instagram likely caught the London overload a couple of weeks ago as my husband and I ate our way from Shoreditch to Sloane Square. One of the highlights was my visit to the Elizabeth St. JO LOVES shop, a morning so luxurious, I’m contemplating a move across the pond. At least for a year. It was a sensory experience that may be impossible to top and one I want to relive regularly.

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Known for unparalleled citrus sophistication, JO LOVES brings us Mandrine, a bright and rich bouquet that is legit sunshine in a bottle. Refreshing and vibrant, sparkling and crisp yet slightly warm, this intriguing blend captures the essence of a feel good summer moment. So uplifting it is bound to enhance your mood with each spritz, the burst of green and zesty is equal parts unique and familiar.

jo loves malone mandrine fragrance inhautepursuit review

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Seriously European, the new JO LOVES Mandrine is truly gender neutral. Fun but refined, it boasts notes of Bitter Orange, Bergamot Oil, Lemon Leaf, and Petitgrain with comforting aromatics from crushed spices. It wears gorgeously day and night and its longevity never borders on intrusive. My 100ml bottle is vanishing at a dangerous speed because it’s my go to fragrance most mornings, a perfect choice for a summer dinner alfresco and a superb treat sprayed over my robe while lounging around. Because… why the hell not? Mouth watering but very much niche, it’s reminiscent of Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino but it’s a touch more airy and much more approachable. A perfect addition to the fragrance wardrobe of Pomelo fans, this effervescent citrus is not to be missed.

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If you’re lucky enough to be living in London or perhaps planning a trip, you have to set time aside for the JO LOVES boutique on Elizabeth Street. Having shopped at the stylish location twice before, I opted to indulge in the proper Fragrance Tapas Experience on my recent visit. After a sensory journey through enticing aromas and lush textures, step into the intimate Candle Studio to explore a one-of-a-kind concept and create your very own Shot Candle. With exceptional options for a base and shot insert, your choice of two scents will result in a bespoke fusion that burns top to bottom and creates a transitional home fragrance. My personal medley of a Petitgrain base with a Charcoaled Lemons shot is extraordinary.

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Candle Studio

Inside The Candle Studio

Lastly, totally breaking, a JO LOVES capsule collection is being offered on net-a-porter! While Mandrine is not part of the line up (give it time!), you can pick up Pomelo (YASSSS!), Red Truffle 21 (check out my blog post about this scent here), Green Orange & Coriander or White Rose & Lemon Leaves fragrances, a handful of bath and body formulas as well as exquisite home candles in Lemongrass, Salted Caramel or Log Fires.

Check out the JO LOVES edit at and pick up a bottle of Mandrine at

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