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You gotta go! 868 Post Street

A visit to the impeccably chic In Fiore boutique was hands down the biggest highlight of my recent trip to San Francisco. The storefront has a somewhat mysterious look to it. Inside, a wall of apothecary style curio cabinets entices with luxurious fusions of solid fragrances, skin salves, and oils. The moody aesthetic provides a one of a kind visual and sensory experience complemented by superb service. You have to go. And treat yourself to a bottle of Solution Botanique.

solid fragrances

body balm goals

Last year, a stunning black wall display of In Fiore caught my eye while I was surveying the International Orange Spa in Larkspur. The floating shelves were full of temptation but I just didn’t know where to begin. And truthfully, I felt slightly intimidated. For months, I had heard Arjun, the green beauty authority from Down Under rave about the 4-2-4 Cleansing Method. I’m lazy though, so while the four-step, ten-minute routine sounds super fun, I’m taking baby steps.

Arjun’s favorite Solution Botanique

After exploring the gorgeous In Fiore space with Jenny Gossman, the brand’s Operations and Partnerships Manager (and my official spirit animal), one morning I realized I need to up my beauty game. Immediately. 1. Introduce dry-brushing. 2. Facial massage. 3. Oil the eff up. But also, never be without a bottle of Fleur Vibrante Solution Botanique.

font, packaging, formula – exquisite everything

What is Solution Botanique?

Solution Botanique is an aromatic blend of antioxidant-rich oils and plant extracts that boost skin barrier function and invigorate and soothe the senses. Available in three formulas (Fleur Vibrante, Calendula, and Comfrey), each fusion targets loss of firmness and elasticity zooming in independently on additional specific issues–poor circulation, dullness, uneven tone, or hyperpigmentation. When asked to pick just one, I instinctively gravitated to the stunning bottle of Fleur Vibrante, the Flower of Knowledge. Smarty Pants.

pure decadence

Why am I obsessed?

As results-oriented as I am, the experience factor is equally important to me. Solution Botanique Fleur Vibrant does silky texture phenomenally well but its Jasmine Flower aroma is beyond opulent. It’s crisp, balanced, and only slightly heady in the best way possible. Nowhere near the often creamy and cloying notes that are too present in the beauty industry. The drops glide on and absorb quickly, leaving the skin nourished and ultra soft with a hint of glow.

Typically, I am not a fan of face and body anything. Excel in one area and we’ll get along for life. In Fiore delivers a superb multi-tasking potion in Solution Botanique and I have been slathering this thing on face, body, and hair day and night. Because this High Priestess was not born with it.


learning new tricks: dry brushing

What’s in it?

Focused on mindful, exotic, and most importantly effective ingredients, the Fleur Vitale deck is a concise list of sixteen plant oils and extracts. The superhero, Jasmine Flower Extract comes from three different species (which are hydrodistilled in copper vessels in Northern India) and infuses a blend of Grape Seed, Marula, Jojoba, Rose, Sea Buckthorn, and Sunflower Oils.

It’s all very… couture. Bright gold in hue, the aromatic medley is an epitome of eco-luxe. The Solution is rich without feeling heavy and though fairly traceless upon application, the gorgeous jasmine scent lingers for a bit. So much so, that I find myself sticking my nose into my arm like an addict seeking his fix.

How do I use it?

Sparingly. It’s possibly my most treasured oil at the moment. To maximize the efficacy of this genius concoction, I also have begun dry-brushing my face and body (yes, face, you’re reading correctly) to exfoliate and stimulate the blood flow. This way my skin drinks up and benefits from every single drop. The beauty of Solution Botanique is that it’s a universal feel good, look great formula that will easily slot into your existing skincare routine.

perfect post dry brush

My favorite way to indulge? All over. After I dry brush and shower, I massage a couple of dropper fills over my body, proceed with a healthy dose of half a dropper pressed into the face, and conclude by running my oiled up fingers through the hair. Cocooned in the lush antioxidant shield, my skin feels instantly hydrated and revitalized and serves impressive glow realness. A shameless aromatherapy junkie, I greedily inhale the intoxicating aroma throughout my latest well-being habit. The entire process is self-indulgently decadent. And I’m worth it.

and after dry brushing that face…

Ok, dry brushing. New to me. First, Jenny at the In Fiore studio convinces me that a proper dry brush ritual will change my life. Then, a goop newsletter lands in my inbox and features a story on dry-brushing by my favorite voice in beauty, Jean Godfrey-June. Two online purchases later, I am embracing the new step in self-care and this is what I have learned so far: brush your body before stepping into the shower using gentle strokes towards your heart. The dry brush for the face is thankfully much softer and I use it in motions similar to a roller or a gua sha tool to get the blood flow going while hoping to drain my toxin-ridden lymph nodes. Because puffiness.

You can also infuse your favorite serum or moisturizer with Solution Botanique.

Founded in 1999 by clean beauty pioneer Julie Elliott, In Fiore incorporates a global kaleidoscope of healing methods and techniques with the latest scientific discoveries in its ethos. Each formula focuses on skincare benefits as well as unique psycho-spiritual elements such as healing energies. Posh and innovative but with a touch of whimsy, the range is my latest obsession.

Stay tuned for updates on the Sauvetage serum and Energisant Oriental moisturizer; easily the most sophisticated formulas on my vanity.

$175 (100ml) available at and

dry brushes for face ($52) and body ($20) available at

parting gifts – thank you so much!!

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