New GLAMGLOW Launches: Good in Bed & Gentlebubble

Launched only days apart, GLAMGLOW unveiled Gentlebubble daily conditioning cleanser and Good in Bed passionfruit softening night cream this holiday season. Praise be. A fan of the brand since the original facial in a jar that is Youthmud, it’s been an exciting adventure following the expansion under Lauder’s reigns. Some were hot. Some just weren’t for me. This duo, however, is my favorite non-mask launch from this brand in a very long time.


The GLAMGLOW face cleansers have evolved significantly over the years. Not long ago, I mourned the loss of Youthcleanse but soon recovered after Tropicalcleanse debuted. (Its ingredient list sported an uncanny resemblance.) The newly released Gentlebubble is a refreshing addition to the current skincare line up. And, speaking as someone who has used all their products save one, I’ll say this newness is an unexpected and much welcomed surprise.

Gentlebubble is 100% fragrance free, which I am 95% sure is a first for GLAMGLOW. The pearlescent gel texture generates impressive lather and removes sunscreen and tinted moisturizer in a single step. Ingredient highlights include the signature TEOXI Green Tea Leaf Extract, Apple Extract, Vitamin E, and soothing oat amino acids to ensure the skin is not only properly cleansed, but also conditioned. There is neither dryness nor tightness upon rinsing. In so many ways, Gentlebubble distinguishes itself from the many gentle, unscented cleansers that every derm recommends. It’s far from boring. To me, it feels pretty luxe.

Good in Bed

Remember when Prescriptives launched their Good in Bed night cream? I’ve been in beauty long enough to remember the gorgeous Prescriptives counters (the brand went strictly e-commerce circa 2009). The GLAMGLOW overnighter with the same sexy moniker is laced with a variety of skin resurfacing acids to give you that I woke up like this glow. The creamy texture absorbs quickly and has a matte finish. If you prefer to seal your bedtime routine with a layer of oil (my recommendation in colder months), Good in Bed works brilliantly under a facial oil.

What’s in it? Passionfruit, also known as Maracuja, is headlining the ingredient deck. This soothing and nourishing extract helps plump up dull and stressed skin overnight. The new GLAMGLOW moisturizer is also infused with a complex of Alpha-, Beta-, and Polyhydroxy Acids, which will gently exfoliate and soften any rough, bumpy texture. Algae, Aloe, Caffeine, and other botanicals firm and energize the skin to deliver a visibly radiant appearance by morning. The scent is subtle and pleasant. There may be a hint of passionfruit but it’s really faint.

The new GLAMGLOW formulas feel rather grown up. The fragrance free cleanser is a much appreciated option; a resurfacing night cream is a few notches above the tint and gleam mastered by the brand in creating its previously launched moisturizers. I’m not feeling the packaging, which seems to be getting louder and brighter. And younger — unlike me.

Gentlebubble ($28 for 150ml) is exclusive to at the moment. You can find Good in Bed ($54 for 1.5 oz.) at



  1. March 24, 2019 / 3:33 pm

    I bought the cleanser..but it smells almost rancid…did you have the same??

    • omgbart
      March 25, 2019 / 3:31 am

      Oh no – I’d return it or exchange it. Mine definitely does not smell rancid. I do find most fragrance free products to have a semi synthetic scent to them tho – wonder if that’s what you’re sensitive to?

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