Fresh Black Tea Firming Corset Cream – Post Holiday Feels

A jar of Fresh Black Tea Firming Corset Cream for Face and Neck arrived minutes before I left for the holidays. There couldn’t have been more perfect timing. As someone who has difficulty adopting moderation this time of year, one too many martinis often leads to deep fried decisions late into the evening. I wake up puffy every morning between December 23rd and January 3rd. Imagine the excitement and hope my full moon shaped Eastern European face had for this one!

My introduction to Fresh via their Umbrian Clay Treatment Bar circa 2002.

Full Fresh disclosure

Fresh has a very special place in my heart. My very first blog post mentioned the Umbrian Clay Treatment Bar, which gifted to me by my boyfriend at the time most definitely spearheaded my obsession with skincare today. The latest launch, however, gave me pause. Marketing claims aside, I do love the brand, but not blindly. And while I adore Fresh through and through, the Black Tea Overnight Firming Mask is actually the least favorite in my Fresh mask arsenal. Like, no me gusta. P.S. I have them all.

Back to the newness…

Corset for the face and neck. Intrigued; party of one. As a loyal Ancienne Soft Cream user in the colder months, I’ll admit to being somewhat apprehensive about switching to a much lighter moisturizer. If you are experiencing the same first world problem – do it. It may be the best decision I’ve made. In short, it aims to strengthen and firm the skin, which is being affected by gravity and environmental aggressors and exhibits loss of elasticity. Suitable for all skin types, especially those who are displaying the first signs of aging, this treatment moisturizer is very much blowing me away.

What’s in it?

At the forefront of the botanical medley is the proprietary Black Tea Complex, which combines Black Tea Ferment, Black Tea Extract, Blackberry Leaf Extract, and Lychee Seed Extract. Um, doesn’t that sound like something you’d take on the rocks with a splash of soda or what? Goji Fruit is added as well as a powerful peptide to improve the skin’s firmness and inspire that youthful bounce.

Love it over my Rose Deep Hydration Face Serum

An exciting additional ingredient, and most likely the central reason behind the contour effect, is Adenosine. Acting as an energizing agent to the skin, this potent molecule boosts the levels of imperative proteins Collagen and Elastin, which put the brakes on the aging process. A touch of silicone for a luxurious slip, a hint of fragrance for that clean, refreshing aroma and I’m ready for a generous application twice a day, everyday.

Ideal situation: soy exfoliant, rose mask, black tea corset cream.

The Corset Effect

Masters of sensorial perfection, Fresh delivers an impeccably lush texture in the brand new Black Tea Firming Corset Cream. Lightweight and completely non-greasy, it applies beautifully and absorbs almost instantly. Having used this gem for two weeks now (love that tea hued glass jar so much), I admit things are improving. Visible radiance and springier tone are sure signs I’m on my way to getting that chiseled Ken doll jaw line. Right? Fingers crossed.

$95 (50ml) available at,,, etc.

*press sample

INGREDIENTS: Fresh Black Tea Firming Corset Cream


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