Warm Weather Fragrances: Molton Brown, MUGLER, Montale, Jo Malone

This summer, I’ve paired down my fragrance wardrobe to focus on everyday scents that evoke an effortlessly casual vibe. With four new staples in rotation, I am stepping away from my usual green and zesty notes and venturing towards slightly warmer yet still very fresh aromas. While wearing any scent on a humid day can be challenging, my current favorites proved to play well during daytime gatherings, unbearably hot subway rides, and evening soirees.

Molton Brown Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel

Think salty air, driftwood, and green leaves. This elegant blend of crisp and earthy evokes a different kind of day at the beach, more English coastal cliff than island tropical. Sharp and sophisticated, Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel begins with cardamom and bergamot, continues with subtle florals, and sets with airy, aquatic notes of cypress and musk. Uplifting and intriguing, this latest from Molton Brown is relaxed and totally gender fluid. Present but not intense, it lasts a few hours without overpowering your aura. $65 (30ml) moltonbrown.com

Mugler A*Men Kryptomint

The biggest surprise in mass-tige fragrance, the new limited edition A*MEN Kryptomint is green and warm in a gourmand sort of way. Slightly reminiscent of the After Eight edible, chocolate and mint are very prominent upon spritzing. The bouquet cools down with an unexpectedly airy combination of patchouli and tonka that dissipates after the initial burst of mint. It all sounds much heavier than it is. Trust me. It settles with an icy finish but the scent is neither effervescent nor vibrant. I find it most appropriate for the evening. $90 (100ml) ulta.com

MONTALE Embruns D’Essaouira

Launched in 2009, this MONTALE eau de parfum is a coastal, sea salt fusion that differences than the latest from Molton Brown. Marine, ozonic, and spicy, the aroma is amazingly fresh and approachable. It’s all I want to wear on a rainy summer day. There is a minimalist Iso E Super vibe to Embruns d’Essaouira but maybe it’s just a highly refined and very polished blend of sandalwood and musk that keeps it so clean and enigmatic. Truly uncommon, this is a splurge worthy treat for those seeking something different. $170 (100ml) bloomingdales.com

Jo Malone London Carrot Blossom & Fennel

The name of this scent did absolutely nothing for me. Then, I smelled it. This green floral is indeed of the garden variety featuring notes of, yes, actual carrot and fennel. Completely unpredictable, infused with neroli, apricot, orris, rose, and patchouli, the final result is bright, slightly soapy, and maybe even a bit eccentric. All in a good way. While I wish it lasted longer, this limited edition is my new favorite from Jo Malone London. $70 (30ml) nordstrom.com

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