Farmacy New Day Gentle Exfoliating Grains

farmacy new day sephora gentle exfoliating grains review inhautepursuitThere has been significant evolution in face cleansing methods, which now include formulas and textures from balms and oils to powders and bring joy to the most important step in your beauty routine. And, very on-trend. As a fan of powder delivery systems, the New Day Gentle Exfoliating Grains from Farmacy sparked my curiosity. Actually, the slim bottle was the first thing I packed for this current December getaway.

Known for implementing a farm-to-vanity approach, Farmacy utilizes only the most effective botanical extract made possible by modern day innovations. The result? Elegant formulas that deliver remarkable results. New Day Gentle Exfoliating Grains are a follow up step to the brand’s Makeup Glideaway Cleansing Oil (and will work wonders when combined as well). For those seeking a morning cleanser, it gently removes excess oil and lifts dead cell buildup for a fresh and radiant looking complexion.

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Fueled by the brand’s proprietary blend EchinaceaGreenEnvy™ containing the highest known concentration of collagen stimulating Cichoric Acid, this multi tasking exfoliant is a fantastic anti-aging treatment. In addition to its magnificent antioxidant properties, New Day soothes, calms, and protects the skin with its complex of White Willow Bark, Carrot, Green Tea, and Marshmallow Extracts. The addition of Cranberry Seed Extract and Rice Bran Powder ensures proper exfoliation without irritation. Vitamin C brightens and evens out the tone.

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Using your New Day Gentle Exfoliating Grains couldn’t be easier. Yes, it’s a powder, but it has some body to it so you won’t be dealing with a cloud of dust. It is not at all messy. Simply shake some into the palm of your hand and combine it with water to create a paste. Make it as thick (deeper cleansing) or thin (ultra gentle) as you wish and apply to damp skin as you would a cleanser. Concentrate on your T-zone, sides of the nose, and any areas prone to dry or flaky patches. Proceed with treatment products or moisturizer after rinsing with warm water.

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Farmacy’s overall aesthetic is pure, contemporary, and approachable. This straightforward range of skincare is free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates…and empty promises. No added fragrance, makes this unique exfoliant completely gender neutral. Great in-shower or sink-side, the bottle is also travel friendly. And, since it’s powder, it’s literally lightweight.

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  1. December 9, 2015 / 11:47 am

    I just picked up their lip balm and LOVE it. I want to explore the brand for sure now! I love my Amore Pacific Enzyme Exfoliator, but this sounds really good too! Next on the list!

    • December 9, 2015 / 12:01 pm

      Their Lip Bloom balms are amazing, aren’t they? My current fave is the Lemon/Ginger. I love the Amore Pacific Enzyme Peel but the Farmacy one is very different. Think switching the enzyme part from AP into a physical scrub with seed grains (Farmacy). Both are great but this one is definitely better for travel. Hope you enjoy!

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