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drunk elephant c firma day framboos glycolic serum review inhautepursuit

When Drunk Elephant (no, the brand was not named after me) landed at Sephora a year and a half ago, I knew we were destined to be drinking buddies. I was right. While slightly late to the party, my recent indulgence involves some game changers that have elevated my day and nighttime routines to new levels of glow.

Studded with options to address and correct issues ranging from loss of firmness to hyperpigmentation, the impressive ingredient decks highlight both natural and synthetic complexion perfectors that are always non-toxic and good for your skin. In short, you’ll never look better after being overserved.

drunk elephant review inhautepursuit sephora natural non toxic skincare

Wait, what?

On the Drunk Elephant name: while our favorite gentle giant of a mammal symbolizes wisdom, strength,and power, they may be successfully hiding an addiction. Overindulging on fruit fallen from the Marula tree, their stomachs ferment the contents before digesting which leads to a certain blissful state of intoxication. Think tropical haze. Jealous.

C-Firma™ Day Serum
One of, if not *the* best daytime Vitamin C treatment, this Drunk Elephant formula is pretty flawless. Thin, slightly oily, and vividly orange, the serum is loaded with 15% L-Ascorbic Acid, Ferulic Acid, and 1% Vitamin E. Since Vitamin C not only corrects UV damage (dark spots, loss of firmness), it also boosts the efficacy of your sunscreen, making it a phenomenal daytime option year round.

Algae and Indian Gooseberry Extracts firm, while added Pumpkin Ferment Extract and Pomegranate Enzyme resurface gently to reveal significantly brighter and more even toned skin. Always present, and a Drunk Elephant trademark, Marula Oil delivers superb antioxidant protection and essential fatty acids. C-Firma™ absorbs beautifully, can be mixed with your SPF or any moisturizer for that matter, including a night cream (in spite of its name). Best of all, while it doesn’t smell like oranges, it is far from the straight up hot dog aroma that every Vit C/Ferulic serum on the market sports. $80 (30ml)

drunk elephant c firma serum review inhautepursuit

T.L.C. Framboos™ Glycolic Night Serum
Oh. My. God. When a beauty writer friend of mine flagged this Drunk Elephant launch, I knew it wouldn’t disappoint. A total miracle worker, this 12% Glycolic Acid treatment refines the look of pores, and renews and rejuvenates dull skin that needs a boost in the cellular turnover department. Infused with Salicylic, Tartaric, and Lactic Acids, this exfoliating gem brightens and smoothes out rough, bumpy skin at a professional level.

Balancing the AHA blend with calming, hydrating and anti-inflammatory Marula Oil, Raspberry, Horse Chestnut, Cactus, and Green Tea Extracts, the clear gel barely tingles upon application and never dries or irritates my lately temperamental skin. Layer it under an oil at bedtime. If you really want to wear it during the day, be sure to top it off with broad spectrum SPF. Yes, it’s pricey but you know the saying ‘you get what you pay for’? Well, it works both ways. Just do it. $90 (30ml)

drunk elephant framboos glycolic night serum review inhautepursuit

Umbra™ Sheer Physical Defense SPF 30
Though it’s a Drunk Elephant icon, this sunscreen reminds me of Gwyneth Paltrow – you either love it or you hate it. Why you should love it: this 20% Zinc Oxide sunscreen is phenomenal at blocking UVA and UVB rays to protect against premature aging and sun damage. What many find tricky about physical (aka mineral) sunscreens is that some tend to leave behind a white cast that can range from subtle to scary.

While Drunk Elephant Umbra™ Sheer Defense has a hint of blue’ish hue on my combination skin when applied alone, I don’t mind it on casual days in the sun. A tip that worked for me: mixing it with C-Firma™ to power up the benefits and downplay the sheen significantly.


A winning combination, however, is layering the Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Tint on top for a completely undetectable effect. If you appreciate the magic of SPF in your daytime routine, most definitely give Drunk Elephant a try. Sunscreen properties aside, it is packed with anti-aging Sunflower Sprout, Algae and Grape Juice Extracts as well as nourishing Jojoba, Marula, and Coconut Oils. $38 (3.3 oz.)

drunk elephant umbra spf 30 physical review inhautepursuit

drunk elephant c firma umbra spf 30 review inhautepursuit sephora non toxic skincare

Raising the BAR.

Next on my Drunk Elephant list? The JuJu Bar™! Cracking it open this month even though it’s almost too pretty to get wet. With warmer weather ahead and my congested skin in need of a deep yet gentle cleanse, it is making its debut any day now. Mostly Heilmoor Clay, it features Marula Oil, Bamboo Powder, and a blend of Acai and Goji Berry to condition, exfoliate, and never strip nor dry out the skin. For those with drier or more sensitive complexions, Drunk Elephant also offers Pekee Bar™. $28 each

drunk elephant juju bar review inhautepursuit non toxic face soap review

Lastly, while the world of natural skincare is equal parts confusing and tricky, Drunk Elephant succeeds at streamlining the routine and offers some of the purest options to cleanse, tone, treat, and protect. Not to bring Gwyneth up again but it’s also goop approved! Available at drunkelephant.com and Sephora.com.


  1. August 13, 2016 / 1:07 pm

    You have converted me on the sunscreen (amaziiiing for everyday for me with the Clinique non streak bronzer and a tiny drop of Mac face and body) Thanks for your review (sorry for my poor English type)

    • August 13, 2016 / 1:14 pm

      So glad you are liking it! I’ve successfully layered countless gelee or liquid type bronzing formulas on top of DE SPF – a great finish. Also, I’m using the B-Hydra and Lala Retro from Drunk Elephant and both are just superb! Thanks for commenting!

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