The New Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Is Now Infused With Skin Plumping Ceramides!

In addition to loving Drunk Elephant for their handful of complexion-perfecting staples (Framboos, A-Passioni, and D-Bronzi, to name a few), I have to give major props to the brand for low-key improving their already best-selling formulas. While some brands seem to quickly discontinue your favorites, DE chooses to quietly tweak their ingredient decks to improve the user experience and elevate the already impressive results.

I can’t say I agree with every Drunk Elephant Skincare Commandment (waking up and not washing my face in the morning is just not an option and I’m still not convinced about taking a smoothie approach when retinol or acids are involved), I will be the first to admit that upgrading B-Hydra and changing Shaba’s packaging are among some of the best moves they could make. Most recently, Lala Retro underwent some changes and since I was lucky to score a jar pre-release, it joined my skincare routine over the last month. Here’s the scoop. 

Then & Now

My first encounter with Lala pre-dates the pre-press-down jars. During the winter, the dense yet whipped formula was my skin’s savior–day and night. The end. As much as I enjoyed its nourishing properties, the cream didn’t play well with my combination skin in warmer weather, however. That’s fine since Protini is my jam year-round and one I can actually easily mix with a serum if I so choose (I said I wasn’t yet convinced about their smoothies. I didn’t say I’ve stopped trying them). 

I miss the Mercer Hotel bath tubbing days — thanks for the memories, Drunk Elephant! xoxo
THE Trifecta

What’s new? 

Ceramides. In addition to six rare African oils (Marula, Maracuja, Melon, Mongongo, Baobab, and one more that escapes me), the new formula is packed with lipids that occur naturally in our skin,  strengthen the protective barrier, and prevent moisture loss. Wondering why we need added ceramides when they are already produced by our bodies? Sadly, as we age and continue to be exposed to UV, these waxy lipid molecules weaken or disintegrate, which results in unwanted dryness and fine lines. Luckily, topical formulas such as Lala Retro will help your skin get back its bounce. 

BTW, A-Passioni is LIFE!


A huge improvement. The new Lala is significantly more lightweight and somehow remains perfectly whipped and creamy. I’m a texture person and this one is elegant. The formula absorbs very well and has a unique dry finish. Oh hey, the Lala I remember! The skin isn’t exactly tight but there’s zero trace of the luscious African oils or plant butters. It’s pretty amazing. 


I did cocktail Lala with Marula Oil for an ‘après sun’ power mask to soothe, nourish, and replenish — it worked beautifully. I still preferred layering it over A-Passioni or Framboos. Similar to its predecessor, I found it worked best when worn overnight. If your skin is dry, stressed, sensitive or dehydrated, Lala is a welcomed addition to your skincare repertoire. I plan to reach for it often for an SOS blast of moisture whenever my face is beaten up by the sun, wind, or travel.

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