Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon

Fact: I love masks. Muds, sheets, gels, creams – with acids, plant extracts, elements from the periodic table – I am an equal opportunity masker. As someone who routinely wakes up ridiculously early, I like testing the latest innovations (on days I don’t rotate a handful of favorites) as part of my morning routine.

Overnight masks? A whole new ball of wax. Formulated to hydrate, rejuvenate, and strengthen the skin during its most rested state, I find that they perform best when worn solo. Since my bedtime line up usually includes a retinoid or an oil, I treat myself to sleeping facials on ‘nights off.’ My latest obsession? Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon.

goes well with: sleeping eye mask

What, how, and you already know when.

With an intriguing name that matches its impressively designed packaging, the gel-cream formula is housed in a dome-like lidless jar that you twist to ‘open’ and press down on to dispense. I’m into it. While the brand recommends using it as the final step to ‘seal’ your p.m. line up, I prefer to let it do its magic all on its own.

and also: lavender eye pillow

Does it promote more restful sleep? It helps, especially on nights when I decide not to finish that bottle of rosé in the fridge. In addition to the lightweight texture that my combination skin drinks in, the herbal scent has me reaching for this latest innovation more often than anticipated. The soothing blend of French Lavender, Sandalwood, and Patchouli actually features motion activated technology, which ignites a constant sensory experience with every toss and turn. Zen af.

bedside in a hotel room

What’s in it?

Water-based, the Sound Sleep Cocoon features Tamarind Seed Extract (nourishing), Persian Silk Tree Extract (energizing), and Wu-Zhu-Yu aka Panang Ginseng Extract (brightening) as key botanicals. The aforementioned fragrance is all natural and while it’s pronounced, it is far from aggressive. I find myself significantly more relaxed while falling asleep owing to its aroma therapeutic properties.

twist & press to dispense

gel-cream texture perfection

Why do I love it?

Aromatherapy and stunning visual aside, the new dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon has me appear as if I’ve enjoyed the textbook recommended eight hours of sleep, which is never. Intensly hydrating, it makes my complexion look rested, soft, and radiant each morning. Just last week, I packed my jar for an overnight trip. Typically, it takes me a while to doze off comfortably when I’m at a hotel. A generous application and a quick listen to dermalogica’s Sound Sleep App had me out like a light.

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