Dermalogica PreCleanse Balm (and OMG that mitt!)


Long before double cleansing became popular with the masses, a bottle of dermalogica PreCleanse was all I needed for miraculous removal of sunscreen, makeup and city grime, all of which regularly factored into my life since I had been living in NYC. Expanding on its brilliant oil formula, the brand new PreCleanse Balm features a lush texture in a travel friendly tube. Can we talk about the double-sided silicone mitt that comes in the box? Life changing.

In Addition To *NOT* Instead Of

For anyone unable to live without the original PreCleanse, there is no need to panic as this newness will not be replacing the cult classic. Think of the PreCleanse Balm as an option for drier skin types or anyone who attempted traveling with a pump bottle of anything. The latter tops my personal ‘never again’ list. The new PreCleanse is packaged in an upright tube and quite literally stands out in the sea of cleansing balms that come in jars. Major props, dermalogica!

Just like the original… but better (I think)

Designed to jump start a double cleanse ritual, the PreCleanse Balm is intended to be applied on dry skin. The mitt provides gentle mechanical exfoliation and ensures even product distribution, which makes the process even more effective. Safe to use on the delicate area around the eyes, it melts the most stubborn waterproof makeup and manages never to trigger sensitivities. With only a few drops of water, I’m able to remove spackle-strength SPF and any trace of tinted moisturizer or bronzer in a single step. Prepped for treatment, I then follow with a cleanser fueled by actives, such as the Lactic Acid driven skin resurfacing formula.

Final Thoughts

With the colder months fast approaching, I am looking forward to using the PreCleanse Balm in the morning to harness its hydrating and moisturizing properties. This will be especially important on mornings after I have opted for Retinol. The signature aroma with notes of citrus and lavender is all natural and very subtle. No-frill and very direct in both aesthetic and approach to skin health, this new dermalogica addition elevates the simple task of face cleansing to spa level. Balm-to-oil consistencies are sensitive so bear in mind that it can turn creamy on hot days or require a tighter squeeze when chilly temperatures hit.

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*press sample

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