Commodity Home Candle Collection Launches at Sephora!

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Commodity is expanding its scented landscape beyond personal fragrance, intriguing eau de parfum options, and luxurious Bath Bars and has recently launched its first line of beautiful home candles. The brand’s bold yet minimalist aesthetic translates perfectly into home decor and its captivating scents will bring a signature aromatic touch to any living space. With Fall weather fast approaching and the holiday season just a few short months away, add these to your wish list STAT. Even better news? They’re available at Sephora!

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Inspired by some of the most alluring blends, the Commodity Home extension features Tonka, Orris and Leather from the Platinum range, Book from the Black line and Oolong, which exhibits the airy notes from the White collection. Hand poured into monochromatic jars with a simple logo, the elegant design will be an exquisite addition to your bedside or dining room table. My personal favorite: utilize the empty tumbler sink side for your daily grooming essentials.

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If you fell for the matching Bath Bars in either Orris or Tonka to complement your favorite Platinum fragrance, you can now envelop yourself in these striking scents at home. Superb in quality, their soy-base cold throw is remarkable enough to lend itself to smaller spaces even when unlit. As a hyper enthusiast of Orris, I am thrilled to experience the fresh bouquet of effervescent and warm notes emitted from the new luxury candle. Scent surround vibes.

bubble bath & oolong vibes

Floral and woody, Tonka offers a hint of sweetness but nowhere near gourmand – it’s very graceful. Leather, on the other hand, is a handsome interpretation of the scent and texture of the raw material. Book is sophisticated in its composition with Sandalwood Pacific, Lavender, and Cucumber. Refined and worldly, Oolong brings to life an afternoon tea experience with Honey, Egyptian Basil, and Tobacco. Truly one-of-a-kind, the Commodity Home fragrance wardrobe is Travel Channel meets Architectural Digest. This is no HGTV.

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Because it evokes luxury from every angle, I vote Commodity newness this season’s must-have. And finally, that impossible-to-shop-for person in your life? No longer an issue. Available at in US and Canada, and in 28 countries.  $55 (burn time: 60 hours).

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tweezers, mask brush, concealer, sonic infuser – it all fits

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