H2Oh No You Didn’t – Cleansing Waters: BIODERMA, Koh Gen Do & MAC Mineralize

Whether you’re on location or don’t know your location, you’re a pro, on the go or simply have had one too many, you’ll still feel best with a clean face. Sink and faucet may appear hazardous and intimidating. Boy have I been there. Cleansing waters were invented for those very nights. And the mornings after, obviously. My favorites? BIODERMA, Koh Gen Do and MAC Cosmetics. #ComeHellOrHighWater

BIODERMA is one brand worth taking the time to hunt down whenever traveling abroad. Ubiquitous in French pharmacies, products from the company can’t be found in stores in the US. No. Idea. Why. Créaline TS H2O Micelle Solution is the ultra gentle, fragrance free, water that cleanses your face without stripping or irritating the skin. With no rinsing required, apply this cleansing water onto a cotton pad and swipe across the face. In seconds, even the most sensitive skin is free of make up, dirt, grime and oil. And, there’s no stinging! #StayAboveWater

bioderma cleansing water crealine h20 ts solution micellaire review inhautepursuit

The Japanese brand Koh Gen Do has been a favorite of professional makeup artists from Japan to Hollywood for years. The nutrient rich Cleansing Spa Water originates in the Yumura Hot Springs in Izumo, Japan. With the lightest swipe, it rejuvenates, and replenishes skin while cleansing it from makeup and urban pollution. Infused with birch sap (harvested for three weeks each Spring), minerals and herbal extracts (rosemary leaf, sage leaf, lavender, ginger root, etc) Koh Gen Do Spa Water nourishes the skin with neither washing nor rinsing required. #CleanSweep

koh gen do cleansing spa water review inhautepursuit

On days when my skin feels particularly oily, I rely on MAC Mineralize Charged Water.  It is not drying and leaves skin soft, nourished and recharged. With MAC’s Super-Duo Charged Water technology, everything except waterproof makeup melts away, leaving absolutely no residue. The adorable packaging and sparkling ingredients like gemstone rhodochrosite and diamond powder make this cleansing water literally brilliant. It is also the most widely available of the three. #ChargedUp

MAC cosmetics mineralize charged water cleanser review inhautepursuit

Cleansing waters are perfect for your AM and PM routines since both need to begin with a clean face. A ritual doesn’t need to be time consuming to be effective. At the very least, every vanity needs to be equipped with a cleansing water and reliable cotton pads. Sometimes doing the best you can with what you’ve got is good enough. #TestTheWaters

Buying Guide:

BIODERMA is not sold in the US but check out amazon.com for various sizes and prices. Some qualify for Prime if you have it.

Koh Gen Do comes in two different sizes: 3.38oz at $13 and 10.15oz at $39. Both are available at Sephora.com or Beauty.com.

MAC Mineralize Charged Water Cleanser retails for $24 (100ml) and is available at Nordstrom.com.

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