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Do you remember the BIC for Her pen amazingness from a few years ago? Anytime I need a laugh, I still read the amazon reviews. As a self-proclaimed Christophe Robin loyalist, I was intrigued yet puzzled by his latest launch of the Shampoo For Men, especially since I wasn’t able to attend the event to inquire about all the burning ‘dude, where’s my shampoo?’ questions. We guys can benefit greatly from a gender specific formula. I’ll be the first to admit that I had no idea.

“Hair is to men what wrinkles are to women, a major source of worry. I’ve designed a treatment to get right to the source of the issue and correct the specific problems of men’s hair from the root.” – Christophe Robin

total winner

Why tho?

As a guy who writes about skincare, I am constantly evaluating the difference between the skin in men and women and how such differences impact the efficacy of many sought after treatments. Personally, I’ve had very little success using products labeled ‘just for men.’ My hair? Apparently, it requires more attention.

Since men’s hormones produce more sebum than womens, our scalps tend generally to be more oily. The extra oil can help protect against damage from environment, but that excess may sadly suffocate the hair at its root. That’s bad because as the hair weakens, it also thins out. Lacking vitality, volume and strength, men are at a higher risk of losing some or all their hair. Unfortunate and uncool.

way generous finger swipe indent, you need very little product per application

Inspired by…

Exactly a year ago, Christophe Robin released the incredible Cleansing Volumizing Paste with Pure Rassoul Clay. Featuring mineral rich rassoul clay and rose extracts, the original formula inspired the tailor made men’s version, which includes Tahitian algae. The clay like paste cleanses, purifies, absorbs impurities, and rebalances the surface of the scalp. Added marine extracts stimulate growth and prevent thinning.

thick and gritty (in all the good ways)

Men’s Shampoo… in a jar

Ok, at least it’s not a Mason jar. That would be way too hipster. Those familiar with Christophe Robin Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt or Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil (my all time freaking favorite!), have another must-have jar to display on the shower shelfie. The latest evokes a masculine sexy blend of woodsy, earthy notes with a hint of Amber to project that Euro underground spa vibe. I’m all over it.

never not using CR

Ok, so Shampoo and… then what?

Should guys follow with a conditioner? I do but that’s because I reach for my flat iron a bit and the heat damage makes my thick and plentiful hair still crave an extra boost of moisture. The Cleansing Thickening Paste won’t strip your scalp of its natural oils though. Often times, I use it as a shampoo and then reach for the ultra hydrating Daily Hair Cream with Sandalwood (which casually features SPF 6) and am good with air drying. Otherwise, I apply two pumps of the Shu Uemura Essence Absolue oil on damp hair – day or night. Anything promoting volume tends to be slightly drying on me if I don’t follow up with either a conditioner or a leave-in.

that hair cream is AMAZING

Who is it for?

Whether you fear premature hair loss, need volume, or strive for that intense deep clean feeling – give the new Christophe Robin Shampoo for Men a try. It’s definitely a splurge in the daily hair maintenance department but you need so very little to generate copious amounts of luxurious lather, the jar will last you months. I’m finishing the original rose infused rassoul clay concoction and going full on butch with my manly cleansing and volume needs from now on.

$53 (250ml)

what’s in it…

*press sample


  1. May 28, 2018 / 3:40 pm

    Interesting… I know exactly who will be getting one. I already sent him the link.
    Thanks OMG for the tip 🙂

  2. July 1, 2019 / 9:29 pm

    Me and my husband absolutely love this shampoo even if it’s “for men” =)))

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