The Bath Soak I Am Completely Obsessed With

See the snow outside? I took these pictures back in March!

I love baths. I’ll take them with bubbles, salts, milky powders, tea leaves, rose petals, whole seaweed…I am very inclusive. A long hot bath easily tops my list of most relaxing things to do. It pairs well with a candle or a book, sometimes a podcast playing on the speakerphone. It’s the ultimate me time. Last winter, one of my favorite publicists was visiting from London and suggested we meet for dinner with her Be For Beauty client to get the scoop on BOD, a brand that was about to launch. Apparently they make this incredible bath soak…. I was like, what time and where are we going?

the crystals are chunk so make sure they all dissolve before hop in

Fast forward a few months and you may have seen BOD (short for Body On Demand) at Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie Stateside. The sleek looking metallic bags and tubes grab attention with buzzy formula names that include words such as Mermaid, Charcoal or Hemp. You’re right in thinking that normally glitter scrubs, shimmer sorbets, and self-tanners aren’t usually on my radar. But the 20 Min Body Boost Bath Prep? It’s a religious experience.

1 bag = 1 bath

What is it?

In short, it’s Epsom salts on steroids. The 1kg (British speak for 2lb 3oz) bag of granulated Sodium Chloride and Magnesium Sulphate is infused with botanical extracts of Rosemary Leaf, Chicory Root, Lime, and Orange Peel Oil, to name a few. Since sodium is an electrolyte that regulates and balances the water in our body, it is a perfect solution to address the annoying and uncomfortable bloat. This is true especially before you want to fit into your favorite piece of clothing. Make that fit, look good, and feel comfortable in your favorite ensemble.

That dreaded water retention

BOD claims their soak will remove up to 3 pounds of excess water from your body. Even if that’s true, don’t confuse water weight with fat. After one too many drinks or a plate of salty fried food (or both because hi we’re well human and need to live a little), our bodies hold on to every drop of water we consume. Salt and alcohol will do that to ya. Ever feel that ring on your finger fit a bit snugly? Or notice your ankles looking rather plump? Protruding stomach? That’s a short list of side effects from a really fun night. Sitting for extended periods of time, a long flight, for example, can also result in water retention. The good news? Since our skin is porous, we can help sweat out some of the excess water and toxins. One sure way is with a 20 min BOD bath.

The 3 numbers to remember

You have to use 1 full bag of BOD Body Boost. The water needs to be HOTTT (37-39 Celsius or 98.6-102.2 Fahrenheit). Soak for 20 minutes. You will sweat because of the water temperature as well as the salt and essential oils, which stimulate your body to purge. When time is up (and trust me it feels very ‘Saved by the Bell’), I look like a wet rat but I feel so much better. You wont need a scale to see the difference. Your clothes will tell your story and mine confirm the 3 pounds shaved from all the right places.

three at a time

This herbal citrus soak isn’t a long term weight loss solution. Think of it as a quick emergency fix before an event or whenever catching up with a frenemy. I avoid panic setting in by stocking up—purchasing 3 bags at a time is the way to go. Until recently, I ordered from and but neither place seems to carry the soaks anymore. I just discovered them at for $10 each and a free in-store pick up!

But wait! There’s more! This is the Detox Bath Prep!


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