Beauty Heroes Indie Beauty Spotlight: Beneath Your Mask

For someone so passionate about skincare, I sure neglect the body part of self-care… You see, once I step out of the shower, I zoom in on facial serums and any body related treatments remain peripheral. Until recently. You have likely experienced my excitement over Beauty Heroes — *the* monthly box of clean and green beauty treasures? The latest collaboration with ‘Women-Owned Brands That Give Back’ led me to Beneath Your Mask, an exquisite curation of body game changers.

Side note

Before diving into my love-laced impressions of Beneath Your Mask, check out the complete line up of this special Indie Spotlight Discovery. The limited edition event also features Ranavat Botanics (inspired by Ayurvedic treatments) and Wabi-Sabi Botanicals (suitable for the most sensitive and acne-prone complexions).

The brand

After having been diagnosed with a severe form of Lupus, Dana Jackson, the founder of Beneath Your Mask, concocted the first jar of body balm in her kitchen. The goal: to help her heal. And that she did. After months of conventional medical treatments paired with a strict protocol of Chinese herbs, supplements, and dietary modifications, Dana developed a focused approach to self-care and well-being. She learned to put herself first to re-prioritize, which led to a new brand born from personal discovery.

The Discovery

Beauty Heroes highlights the Heal Whipped Skin Souffle in its full size glory paired with Polish Detoxifying Body Scrub (100ml), and Nourish Skin & Hair Serum (20ml). The discovery is $69 (valued at $139). Beauty Heroes x BYM donate $2 for every box they sell to Hand in Hand for Lupus, a non-profit organization for survivors of the decease. ‘Tis the season to give!


The Heal Whipped Skin Souffle feels as decadent as its gorgeous packaging suggests. It’s a rich balm that appears dense but as you scoop it from of its posh glass jar, you will notice its whipped, almost airy texture. The Shea Butter base is blended with Jojoba, Almond, Avocado, and Cloudberry oils to nourish the driest, most parched skin.

It requires a second or two to be warmed up before applying and absorbs beautifully without feeling oily or greasy. Only a small amount delivers deep moisture and hours of comfort. The aromatherapy benefits have had me reaching for the tub more so often of late. The notes of lemongrass, tea tree, and lavender borderline cleanse my aura. Namaslather some more.


At first glance, Polish is all grit. But the exfoliating paste is actually extremely gentle and non-abrasive. The Dead Sea Salt crystals melt on contact with the skin as the blend of soothing Oatmeal and purifying Kaolin Clay provides a spa-grade treatment experience. When you apply the scrub in circular motions on damp skin, you stimulate microcirculation and help eliminate toxins.

OMG! Applying to dry skin is the way to go! Perfect amount of friction. 

I indulge once a week and never skimp, spreading a generous palm full over my entire body as the shower gets hot and steamy. Then, while breathing in the exhilarating notes of lemongrass, I turn off the water off and massage any areas that need smoothing (elbows and stomach). It rinses off leaving the skin ultra soft and moisturized but not oily.


While technically dubbed a ‘skin & hair serum’, Nourish is very much an oil. And a lovely one at that. The blend of Hemp, Rosehip, Safflower, Pomegranate, Need, and a few others is indeed, incredibly nourishing. Personally, I use it only on my hair since a few months ago I started this thing called not using conditioner.

I wash my hair, towel it dry, and apply half a dropper of the oil. After my hair air-dries (or Dyson-dries), I’m good to go after a quick shot of whichever texturizing spray I have in rotation. Nourish makes my hair look healthy and shiny, something we strive for during the cold hat weather months. I’ll definitely be packing this travel-friendly bottle for my visit home to Poland next month.

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