Beauty Heroes July Discovery: Graydon Fullmoon Serum & Green Cream

When it comes to new skincare products, I’ll admit to being prone to excitement. Rarely does the initial excitement last, however. I get bored easily. So when Beauty Heroes sent over their July Discovery featuring Graydon, a skincare line new to me, I began using the Fullmoon Serum and Green Cream the same day they arrived. Night, actually. I’m currently halfway through each bottle with no plans to change. 

Graydon is an eco-luxe brand with a clean, minimalist aesthetic. From the font to the droppers, everything is practical yet stylish. There’s nothing whimsical happening here and I love it. The emphasis on luxe covers the overall experience — from gorgeous formulas to a sublime application ritual. Since the range is inspired by the alchemy of food, which parlays into nutrition for the skin, take the concept of a high-end dining experience and apply it to face care. A quick glance online provided some unexpected and welcomed reverse sticker shock. Graydon’s price tag doesn’t even approach the luxe territory, too often elevated in the green beauty space. The current Beauty Heroes Discovery will tempt you to make your foray into Graydon. 

What is this duo all about?

Both the Fullmoon Serum and Green Cream offer plant-based retinol alternatives for anyone who craves the magical results of this anti-aging yet not always user friendly ingredient. If you’re looking for a topical solution to minimize the appearance of fine lines, increase the skin’s elasticity, help correct hyperpigmentation or refine the look of pores — you’re in the right place. Unlike prescription strength retinol (one I am very familiar with having been introduced to Tazorac over a decade ago), the Graydon duo can be used both morning and night. Bear in mind however, that botanical alternatives to retinol can also make the skin prone to sunburn. Be sure never to omit broad-spectrum SPF from your daily regimen.

Fullmoon Serum

The water-like serum has a stunning seafoam hue courtesy of Blue Tansy. If redness or sensitivity is a concern, this plant extract is an excellent soothing agent. Moth Bean Extract, a lentil-like legume native to India, provides the retinol and just like the OTC version, it helps improve tone and texture. Unlike the mainstream versions, it is significantly more gentle on the skin. Other superstars on deck include Vitamin C rich Moringa (from leaf to seed), Peptides, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and yes, Banana Extract. So much more than a base of a morning smoothie, the boomerang shaped fruit is packed with nutrients and provides both softening and nourishing benefits. 

You can see the tinted primer blended in coming through…

Fullmoon absorbs quickly and works equally well on my combination skin in either my AM or PM line up. There is a light scent, which will be familiar to those who have used formulas that contain Blue Tansy. Think of something similar to dry hay and bird feed — herbal and slightly earthy. But fresh. I like it. What I love though, is how much more clear and bright my skin has been looking of late. One dropper full a day (you can probably get away with half that; I have a lot of face) has made a remarkable difference in my complexion. I still have deep forehead wrinkles, but my pores are appearing very much refined. 

Green Cream

The Sidekick in this month’s discovery,  Beauty Heroes has spoiled us with a full size bottle. A complementary step to Fullmoon, the Green Cream contains two forms of plant-based retinol: Moth Bean Extract and the recently popular Bakuchiol. If you haven’t picked up on the buzz about Bakuchiol, it’s time to crawl out from under your rock because this plant-derived ingredient contains superb anit-oxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It promotes cellular turnover, which results in increased collagen production. Just like traditional retinol. 

Yep, the primer is under here, too.

If you’re wondering what’s behind the name, it’s Chlorella and Chlorophyll that lend the pale green tint to this moisturizer. Other ingredient highlights include Squalane, Broccoli Seed, and Neem Oils. Unlike Fullmoon, which is sure to work on every type of skin, the Green Cream is best suited for those with combination, oily or congested complexions. Which thrills me. It also doesn’t absorb instantly like the serum. The green cream becomes white on the skin and it requires you to rub it in for a few seconds. Shortly, it disappears without a trace. 

Since I usually avoid cream textures during the day (though this one is pretty light), I’ve been using Green Cream over Fullmoon only at night. After the Fourth of July festivities and having spent a bit too much time in the sun, I would add an oil for extra cushion. Most of the time, I’ve been relying exclusively on this duo and whichever eye cream I have in rotation. I’m ecstatic with how well my combo skin has responded to Graydon. If you haven’t yet reaped the much touted benefits of Vitamin A via conventional retinoids, this Beauty Heroes Discovery is the perfect alternative. 

Very impressed with this one.

Side note

This discovery includes a sample packet of their Face Glow tinted primer + illuminator. It’s the most genius marketing move because this all glow, no sparkle formula is brilliant. An amount the size of a pea over my sunscreen had me looking like I slept the recommended eight hours and had ingested an abundance of superfoods (I hear the extra guac on my nachos doesn’t really count). You’ll be getting a full size.

It blends in beautifully.


For the first time since its launch, Beauty Heroes is opening their program to skeptics of any prepaid commitment to the 3, 6 or 12-month adventure. You can now opt to be billed monthly at a higher rate of $58.95. Since there has yet to be a discovery not to hook me on at least one luxurious find, I’m recommending you try the 3-month prepay ($42.95 per box) and treat yourself to a bottle of rosé. This month’s discovery has a retail value of $130. Grab it at

P.S. The month-to-month option also comes with a pretty persuasive perk: a 15% discount on everything in the Beauty Heroes store.

Fullmoon Serum Ingredients
Green Cream Ingredients


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