A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of learning about the latest ARCONA launch from the brand Owner, Chief Product Formulator and Creative Director of ARCONA Skincare herself, Chanel Jenae, over a delicious lunch in Manhattan. Mesmerized as much by her perfect skin as by her passion to help us all achieve #theARCONAglow, I wanted to slather the brand new Berry Gel Gommage on my face right then and there. Generously gifted a full-on swag bag, I decided to wait to get home and instead continued to bond over favorite travel destinations and our mutual dedication to proper exfoliation.

catching up on all things beauty over vegan in Midtown

Berry Gel Gommage – one point of distinction

Focused on creating luxurious and natural solutions to effectively target our most frustrating skin related conundrums, ARCONA is already behind one of my favorite exfoliators, the Cranberry Gommage. Mindful of those with sensitivities, the brand new Berry Gel Gommage is the perfect fit for anyone who finds physical exfoliants just too intense. How does the newness compare with the Raspberry Resurfacing Peel? It is significantly more gentle.

Start with clean face…

What’s in it?

Featuring an ingredient deck that ensures a softer, smoother, beaming complexion, the Berry Gel Gommage is fueled by the brightening and clarifying action of Cranberry Enzymes and Lactic Acid. Infused with antioxidant-rich White Tea Leaf and Cherry Fruit Extracts, the sublime formula helps maintain your glow by protecting freshly exfoliated skin from free radical damage. Think instant gratification, long-term results. Another perk? The juicy aroma of sweet and tart fruity notes is all natural.

TSA approved and perfect for travel (gentle exfoliation always helps my jet lagged face)

How does it work?

Exfoliating is a crucial step in an effective skin care routine. It speeds up cell renewal, which helps maximize the absorption of any product and optimize its performance. This can be achieved through physical (granular scrubs) or chemical (acids and enzymes) methods. ARCONA Berry Gel Gommage should be applied to a clean, dry face and will take your skin from dull to radiant in just five to fifteen minutes. How exactly? By “digesting” dead cells from the uppermost layer of the skin. Spoiler alert: #theARCONAglow is not a myth.

Tiny fruit particles working their magic. Do NOT eat.

The rich rosy hue of the Berry Gel Gommage gives you a flushed look (like you just got off a spin bike after a double) but you’ll be happy to hear that upon rinsing, there isn’t a spec of pink left behind. Providing a spa grade level experience, the latest ARCONA masterpiece feels cooling and firming, never tight or uncomfortable.

Elevate the Gommage experience and follow up with Wine Hydrating Mask.

Since my thick combination skin has thus far handled every exfoliating surprise thrown its way, I like to follow up with Cranberry Gommage in the shower, paying extra attention to my T-zone. If you’re looking for an intensive glow boost, ARCONA green lights this back to back treatment for up to 3 days per month.

My combination skin can take this duo but I suggest one berry at a time…

Know Thy Skin and Over-Exfoliating

If your routine includes a steady dose of glycolics or retinoids already, go easy with additional resurfacing products since over-exfoliation is real and ain’t pretty. The safest way to avoid irritation is to introduce one formula at a time and to listen to your skin. I’ve learned to step it up during the summer months and scale back in the winter as the needs and tolerance levels of my skin are season- and weather-dependent.

Favorite serum to apply after an exfoliant. Magic White Ice is everything.

The Berry Gel Gommage is an excellent option year-round for those in need of a gentle morning buff to maintain a luminous and poreless look. For an ultra revitalizing pairing, follow up with Magic White Ice (quite possibly my all time favorite ARCONA product ever). Lastly, and this is not a drill, be sure to wear broad spectrum SPF every day, rain or shine. Exfoliation and sun protection go hand in hand. It’s, like, common knowledge, Romy.

$42 (50ml) available at,

*this post is sponsored by ARCONA, my opinions are by no way influenced by the working relationship to create branded content


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