AMOREPACIFIC Re-Launched Their Classic Treatment Enzyme Peel & I Have Feelings About It

Since picking up my first ever powdered face wash, the concept has become a solid staple in my grooming routine. It started with a rare find of Komenuka Bijin mono-dose rice bran packettes at a super cute apothecary called The Bathroom downtown New York City circa 2005 or so. Sadly, the adorable store shuttered and the Japanese brand phased out this particular gem. My point? I’ve always loved a good powdered face wash.

On to some good news… The AMOREPACIFIC Treatment Enzyme Peel has been around for just as long (if not longer) and has recently undergone a shower-friendly makeover. Get excited because the luxe K-beauty authority has re-launched their classic formula *and* added a matching Treatment Enzyme Masque to the line-up.

The Classic

The AMOREPACIFIC Treatment Enzyme Peel is a loose powder that fuses face cleansing and exfoliating agents. It is also gentle enough to be used daily. The beauty of fruit enzymes is that, unlike acids, they deactivate on their own without the need to be neutralized. After enzymes digest the dead cells from the surface of your skin, they stop working. Read: it’s impossible to leave an enzyme peel on too long.

You need such a small amount per application, a bottle lasts months.

The Treatment Enzyme Peel is an excellent morning cleanser or a second step to follow up an oil-based formula that removes your makeup or heavy-duty SPF. This is especially true for those with oily or combination skin who can benefit from a touch of resurfacing. Keep in mind that the powder turns into silky foam upon contact and there is absolutely no grit nor any friction. What is the magic? The green tea-derived probiotic enzyme and papaya enzyme help speed up cellular turnover and reveal glowing complexion in a single application. Beyond that, your skin will feel insanely smooth. I’m talking glass.

New packaging on the right.
Wider dispenser on the new bottle.

About the upgrades…

The new Treatment Enzyme Peel has a new flip top cap to make it more shower-friendly. The old container had a screw on cap and was a bit sleeker, which IMHO did seem more luxurious. Thankfully, the formula is unchanged. And since I’m all for calling a spade a spade, the recent upgrade comes in a 50g container while the older one was 75g in weight. The $60 price tag remains the same. Why?

The Masque

Love love love this new mask! Excuse me, masque. It’s creamy, hydrating, exfoliating, soft-drying, and effective. All I want in a mask, really. Keep in mind, however, that it’s not the deep-cleansing solution I normally gravitate to (like the original Glamglow) but it’s an excellent gentle option when I’m seeking an AHA moment without the tingle.

The first ingredient is green tea leaf water, which means a mega dose of antioxidant goodness. Creamy in texture, the formula includes encapsulated papaya enzyme which activates as you apply the product to dry (and cleansed) skin. There is also glycolic acid, to help smooth out any minor bumps without causing redness or irritation. Upon application, the mask moves from a gel cream consistency to a soft cream with a slightly iridescent hue. It dries within minutes but doesn’t flake off the skin, which is a much appreciated perk as you sip your morning coffee. Yes, there is a fragrance (which is added and most likely not all natural) but I find the floral notes, an AMOREPACIFIC signature, always pleasant. $70 (50ml)

Since I’ve been exfoliating for… forever, I use both the masque and peel back-to-back. If your skin is dry or sensitive, introduce one formula at a time to your regimen. And be sure always to hydrate and to moisturize immediately after you exfoliate. If you feel like splurging, pick up a bottle of the Vintage Single Extract Essence. It’s seriously one of the best products in my stash.

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