AMOREPACIFIC Botanical Radiance Oil

Three days into using the new AMOREPACIFIC Botanical Radiance Oil, I’m thinking I’m gonna need a back-up of this thing. STAT. As a complete fanatic of the brand’s Creme Fluid moisturizer (think Best of 2017 for yours truly), I wasn’t sure how my current regimen would accommodate an oil with the weather *finally* getting warmer. It turns out it’s exactly what my skin needs. And craves. Embraces. You get the point.


Not an oil per se…

Before you light your torches and sharpen your pitchforks to come for me, I admit it’s a stretch to refer to AMOREPACIFIC as a facial oil. Yes, there is a handful of plant oils in this decadent fusion of botanicals, but the luxurious base that allows for proper ingredient delivery is a blend of Green Tea Water and skin restoring Glycerin. Hence its ultra weightless texture and silky consistency.

water-like (almost)

All good things

Green Tea Seed (packed with barrier repairing antioxidants) and the unfortunately named Rapeseed Flower (super moisturizing, rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids) are the superduo oils here. The beauty authority on all things Green Tea, AMOREPACIFIC grows its own radiance boosting plant crops to extract all the skin transforming benefits not only from the delicate tips of the leaves, but also from the seed, stem, root, and flower.

daytime combo: under creme fluid

When and How?

Acting as a carrier, the Green Tea Water allows for a super user friendly, borderline instant and completely non-greasy application of the Radiance Oil. While traditional facial oils often comprise the sealant step in a skincare regimen, the AMOREPACIFC creation is more of a priming oil and can easily replace an antioxidant serum in your routine a few days a week.

If you are one who enjoys a good cocktail, add a few drops to your essence, moisturizer or foundation. It performs phenomenally well under any sleeping mask or overnight facial formula.

overnight boost with sleep renewal sleep masque

Final Thoughts

The stunning glass bottle with a press down dropper and subtle floral aroma aside, the new Radiance Oil embodies approachable K-beauty luxury. Extremely soothing, it hydrates, protects and most definitely adds some much needed this time of year luminosity. Think dewy glow from within, red carpet casual, I woke up like this. Impressed, party of one.

$105 (30ml) available at


*press sample

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