Alpha-H Launches At Sephora US! (Go For Liquid Gold!)

Not long ago, a very brave stranger hiding behind their iPhone 4 screen called me out in instagram comments for enlarged pores and deep forehead wrinkles. While looking literally everywhere for a fuck to give, I stumbled upon my bottle of Alpha-H Liquid Gold which had gotten lost in rotation. For anyone interested, my pores and wrinkles are doing much better since re-introducing the gentle alpha hydroxy solution into my routine. In real news tho, the legendary acid toner from Down Under is making its debut Stateside and is available on today!

Why do I love glycolic so much?

Glycolic Acid has been one of my all time favorite ingredients in skincare since forever. The very popular now alpha hydroxy acid accelerates cellular turnover by removing the outermost layer of skin. The results? Consistent use significantly improves the tone and texture of dull looking skin; it refines pores, corrects sun damage-related hyperpigmentation, and makes fine lines appear less pronounced. This genius multitasker has proven to be irreplaceable on my combination skin.

Glycolic all ways

Take a look at your favorite beauty retailer and you will find glycolic acid infused formulas that range from cleansers and toners to masks, pads, serums, and moisturizers. And though I am all about options, my favorite way to use acids is as a liquid step. Acid toners deliver the most straight-up dose of resurfacing and leave the skin prepped for serums or moisturizers, which are often fueled by other actives. Everything seems to absorb better when my skin feels glass smooth. Liquid Gold is an added, seamless Glycolic Acid solution that won’t disrupt your existing routine.

But go for the gold

Liquid Gold is formulated with just a handful of ingredients. The straightforward toner spotlights 5% Glycolic Acid, Licorice Extract, and Silk Proteins. Think of it as an exfoliating yet hydrating toner that will neither sting nor leave your skin looking red nor feeling sticky. It’s a tad juicier (more pulpy?) than water but it’s not a viscous liquid by any means. It also dries fairly quickly so you can carry on with your regimen without waiting very long. Unlike glycolic essences, which can be pressed into the skin, I prefer to saturate a cotton pad (or two) with Liquid Gold and swipe it (them) over my face.


Last piece of advice

Glycolic Acid will speed up revealing that healthy glow, but your skin may be more susceptible to sunburn. Be sure to wear broad spectrum sunscreen during the day to prevent sunburn as well as any potential discoloration from forming. With that said, please join me in a silent prayer that the Alpha-H SPF 50 gets a green light to launch Stateside. The Alpha-H Liquid Gold has most definitely achieved global cult status but don’t miss other Liquid Gold ancillaries such as Instant Facial or the Ultimate Perfecting Mask. Browse the edit available on and you can expect a limited product line-up in stores in late March.

Liquid Gold $60 (100ml) at



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