Slathering On This Month: African Botanics Infusion

We all have that one brand that occupies a special place on our vanities, the one that gets us extra excited with every single launch. Mine? African Botanics, but you probably guessed that since I can wax poetic on their Neroli Infused Marula Oil. It’s truly my ride or die. Recently released, the Infusion micro-liquid serum proves my enthusiasm is not without merit. If you’ve contemplated a new treatment toner or an essence, this latest gem is worth adding to your holiday wishlist. From: me, to: me counts, by the way.

I’m all about it.

Infusion is a liquid treatment that, in my opinion, hovers over a powered-up treatment essence and a serum. Truth be told when it comes to experimenting with product, minimalist I am not. I like options. My skincare routine, however, is all of 3 steps. Plus eye cream. The thought of layering or waiting between steps is exhausting. My mantra: cleanse, treat, moisturize. And it works.

What is it?

The silky tonic is slightly more viscous than a traditional toner and has a juicy essence-like consistency. Its goal? To boost hydration levels and make the skin appear rejuvenated, bright, and rested. It’s a jacked up treatment that does more than most serums ever will. In an elaborate multi-step regimen, I’d probably slot it between an essence and a serum. Personally, I find it works best book-ended between my cleanser and facial oil or cream, part of a slightly more abbreviated, yet very high-performance line up.

What’s does it do?

Cutting zero corners, Infusion delivers immediate soothing hydration together with long-term redness reduction and skin brightening benefits. Many of us (most of us, really) spend so much time staring at our phone and computer screens. We don’t realize that the High Energy Visible light (also referred to as blue light) emitted by electronic devices contributes to premature aging of our skin. A layer of Infusion serves as a shield that fights free radical damage. Apply it generously but try to cut down on your screen time regardless!

What’s in it?

In true African Botanics style, Infusion is an elegant medley of potent plant extracts that will also add a flawless touch to your shelfie. The glass black bottle houses a complexion-perfecting fusion of Kalahari Desert Salt, Micro-Algae, Resurrection Plant, Seaweed, Honeybush, Horsetail, Marula, and so much more. Known for elevating the power of flora, the brand doesn’t skimp on its key ingredients such as Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, CoQ10, and Lactic Acid.

If you’re familiar with African Botanics, you’ll appreciate the familiar herbal notes present in the Cloudburst Micro-Emulsion. The scent is subtle and doesn’t linger. Skip the cotton rounds, apply a few ‘dashes’ to the palm of you hand, and press then into clean skin. The product absorbs in seconds and feels neither occlusive nor sticky. Both the day and night time formulas I use layer over it impeccably. It’s officially the poshest liquid step in my skincare collection.

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