20 Random Facts That Make Me So Extra

You may have noticed a slight redesign of the blog… Thoughts? I quite like it but am not done tweaking it just yet. As a break in between skincare posts, hope you enjoy some random facts about me!

  1. Though extremely social, direct and often snarky, I am actually a very private person.
  2. I am the real life Harry Potter. We were both born on July 31, 1980.
  3. I learned to read when I was 4 by listening to my older brother do his homework. Growing up in Poland I was taught to never throw out food or books.
  4. I took the 6 train every day for four years to get to school. Didn’t feel like J.Lo.
  5. My lab partner in Geology was an America’s Next Top Model contestant. Not the friendliest.
  6. My first job after college was at Estée Lauder Corporate as an assistant in the Jo Malone marketing department. I had the key to the product closet. Good times.
  7. I have the worst taste in movies and watch ‘A Perfect Murder’ with Gwyneth Paltrow on repeat. “That’s not happiness to see me, is it?”
  8. After 12 years in downtown Manhattan, the husband and I traded loft living for country living. The cats love it.
  9. At the time, we had two English Bulldogs, Cosmo and Donatella. I still miss them.
  10. I’m a fried dough kind of person. Donut mess with me.
  11. I love airports but absolutely hate to fly.
  12. Lakes creep me out. Pools all the way.
  13. I barely made it to my best friend’s wedding, where I was her best man. I blame the poor signage on Italian highways.
  14. I got my driver’s license at 27.
  15. Nosara, Costa Rica is my all time favorite place in the world. Our recent trip to Japan may have me reconsidering…
  16. I’m a Leo with an Aries Moon. Read: I have no patience. For anything.
  17. I actually really like winter.
  18. I find cooking very therapeutic. Side note: spaghetti squash will never taste like spaghetti.
  19. I only feel athletic when someone calls me a good sport.
  20. Blogging and creating content is my full time job.

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