100% Pure Retinol Restorative Overnight Balm

Common to just about every dermatologist I’ve ever encountered, is their agreement that Retinol is the most reliable and effective anti-aging ingredient in the beauty industry. Speaking from experience, and having used Vitamin A derivatives for fifteen years, I am thrilled with my skin’s ability to defy gravity and the damaging effects of the environment.

Many people, however, struggle with skin sensitivities when using retinoids, which, admittedly, can be harsh if not used correctly (i.e. always follow with a richer than usual moisturizer to avoid severe dryness and wear SPF religiously during the day to prevent any sun damage backlash). Those who have given up on this potent ingredient or are about to throw in the towel, wait! Try my most recent discovery: the 100% Pure Retinol Restorative Overnight Balm.

For those new to the 100% Pure brand, their innovative, plant based and completely non-toxic complexion enhancers are among some of the very best green beauty offerings on the market. Borderline edible (I said borderline, so don’t try it), the ingredient decks are studded with natural, clean, and responsibly sourced extracts. A highlight of my beauty mail deliveries last month, the brand new balm has been scoring all sorts of high marks. More details below!

Retinol from Carrots?

Almost. The 100% Pure Retinol Restorative Overnight Balm is fueled by Vitamin A which is extracted from Wild Carrot Seed. Unlike the synthetic formulas I’ve had prescribed by my derm, this superb replacement helps achieve similar results without any side effects. Not to mention, it costs less than half of what the Rx came down to after generous insurance coverage. While not as potent as the often harsh Tazorac, this Overnight Balm contains 2.5% pure Retinol, which is mighty impressive.

Why a Balm?

The solid texture may be my favorite thing about the new 100% Pure Retinol Restorative Overnight Balm. Why? Think of the lush, cushiony base as a built-in buffer to nourish, protect, hydrate, and restore lackluster skin. Meticulously composed of Avocado Butter, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Olive, and Sunflower Seed Oils, the conditioning properties counteract any potential for Retinol related dryness. Delicate notes of Jasmine Essential Oil provide much appreciated aromatherapy for a blissful night’s sleep.

When, How, Etc.

Delivering accelerated cell renewal, Vitamin A is a dynamic force that performs best when your skin is at its most relaxed state: sleep. Therefore, include Retinol only during your evening skincare routine. The intensive exfoliation on a cellular level delivers firmer, brighter, and a significantly more even toned complexion by morning. Perfect for those looking to address and correct stubborn expression lines or enlarged pores, Retinol is the perfect solution to firm and refine sallow and dull skin.

favorite combo

Scoop up a small amount of the Retinol Restorative Overnight Balm and as your body temperature melts it into an oil, press it gently into your freshly cleansed face using the fingertips. You may be a bit shiny for a few minutes but your pillowcases will be fine. And your face won’t stick to them. The balm absorbs well and will have your face looking bright and radiant by morning.

I choose to skip physical exfoliators on nights when I use Retinol and only apply a lightweight serum beforehand. My combination skin does not feel the need for a follow up with an oil or additional moisturizer.

$48 (1.2 oz.) available at 100percentpure.com


*press sample

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